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Jet Set Radio is a series of games developed by Sega for the Xbox. It features a world full of crude teenagers who oppose the police force by spraying graffiti or “tagging” the city of Tokyo-to, including the Rokkaku Police themselves. Professor K, DJ of the Jet Set Radio pirate radio station, broadcasts to gangs of youths who roam the streets of Tokyo-to, rollerblading and spraying graffiti.

One skater, Beat, forms a new gang, the GGs, with skaters Gum and Tab (Corn). They compete with rival gangs for turf: the all-female Love Shockers in the shopping districts of Shibuya-Cho; the cyborg Noise Tanks in Benten, an entertainment district; and the kaiju Poison Jam in the Kogane dockyard. The authorities, led by Captain Onishima (Hiyashi in JSRF), mount a counteroffensive, deploying riot police, tanks, and helicopters.

Power of the Verse

Jet Set Radio features peak human to superhuman characters with unique abilities dealing with spray paint that can bypass durability. They have some advanced technology, such as Rokkaku creating cybernetic clones of Beat, the Noise Tanks impersonating Yoyo, and Gojj a tower that can absorb the entire city of Tokyo-to, transforming him into a powerful entity.






The GGs

  • Beat
  • Mew
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