Jeff The Killer Saga

NOTE: Although it is inspired by the Creepypasta genre, it changes all of the orginal stories, adding it's own lore and has its own distinct canon. It doesn't include feats from any online stories, books, or games with similar characters.


The Jeff the Killer Saga followers Jeffery Keaton, the titular "Jeff the Killer", and the war between the Der Ritter and Zalgo. It starts off with Jeff's origins and ends off with the lead up to the final war and the film ZALGO.

Power of the Verse

The verse is a physically weak verse, with many characters scaling to skull crushing, being engulfed by fire, causing a car crash, etc. However some of the characters scale higher than that, up to destroying a dimension of unknown size. So that leaves the AP of the Jeff the Killer Saga being Wall level, likely higher for most of the characters. They aren't slouches when it comes to abilities either. Immortality (Type 5), Mind Manipulation, Corruption, BFR, Soul Manipulation, Non-Corporeal, Fear Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, etc. These abilities make the verse rather hax-y, helping with the lack of a clear high AP.




Members of the Der Ritter

Followers of Slenderman


Followers of Zalgo

Other Characters

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