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Warlic and Alexander(Xan) both fell in love with Jaania. When Warlic and Alex (Xan) decided to fight one more time, Jaania then attempted to break the two of them up, by jumping right into the middle of their crossfire, which ended in Warlic's magic-reflection spell returning Alex's ice spell into Jaania, which encased her inside a crystal for two centuries, this incident deformed the face of Alexander, who later became Xan the mad Pyromancer.

While she was frozen by a very powerful spell, both Xan and Warlic tried to free her using the very ways of magic, including the Pyronomicon's Book.

In Book 2 She was freed from the ice crystal as a way to defeat the Infernal part of Warlic, known as Wargoth the Son(considering that Wargoth is also the name of Warlic's father), the process was successful and she colaborated with The Professor, human side of Warlic, helping the Ateleans to defeat Wargoth, and stop him from destroying the whole planet. At the very end of Book 2, Jaania furiously froze both the Hero and the recently merged Warlic (as he was divided into two beings) alongside with Xan inside another ice crystal, probably for being imprisoned for so long, she saw them as a problem to her extremist goals, believing that in her viewpoint she is on the right side.

In Book 3 she is the founder of the Rose whose goal is to destroy all magic on the planet in order to achieve peace. People see her as an evil extremist while in fact she's just misguided and blinded by vengeance.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-C | 6-C

Name: Jaania

Origin: AEverse

Gender: Female

Age: Over 200 years old

Classification: Mage, Human, Archmagus of the Rose

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Sorcery, Elemental Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Healing

Attack Potency: Island level (She was powerful enough to freeze Hero of Lore, Warlic and Xan in her magical ice cage) | Island level (She is powerful enough to pose threat to Book 3 Hero of Lore)

Speed: FTL

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Island ClassIsland Class

Durability: Island level | Island level

Stamina: High but can still be exhausted

Range: Likely planetary

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Extremely High (Her knowledge is comparable to that of Warlic).

Weaknesses: She is too devoted to her goals, tends to ignore the fact that Akanthus and Amadeus might be manipulating her

Key: Book 2 | Book 3


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