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Issei render Hero.png
I’m going to become a Harem-King!
~ Issei shouting out his dreams

B2254e717b590dbf07e869d9a31dbdccf8be2c09 s2 n1.png
Buchou! I don’t have talent for swords like Kiba! I’m not a genius like Akeno-san at using demonic-power! I don’t have a crazy strength like Koneko-chan, nor do I have a healing power like Asia! Even still, I will become the “Strongest Pawn”! For you, I will even beat God! With this Boosted Gear! My only weapon! I will make sure that I will protect you!

Juggernaut Drive Issei Render.png
I, who am about to awaken
Am the Heavenly Dragon who has stolen the principles of domination from God
I laugh at the "infinite", and I grieve at the "dream"
I shall become the Red Dragon of Domination
And I shall sink you to the depths of the crimson purgatory!
~ Juggernaut Drive chant

Welsh Blaster Bishop.png

Cardinal Crimson Promotion In DxD HER.jpg
I, who is about to awaken
Am the Red Dragon Emperor who holds the truth of the king up high
Holding the infinite hopes and unbreakable dreams and walking the path of righteousness
I will become an Emperor of Crimson Dragon
And I will lead you to the Path of Heaven, glowing in deep crimson light!
~ Cardinal Crimson Promotion chant

ZzzzV22 illustration 4.jpg
The Crimson Red Dragon dwelling within me, awaken from your dominance
[The Crimson Heavenly Dragon I possess within me, rise up to become a King and roar]
The jet-black God of Infinity
[The glorious God of Dreams]
[Watch over the false forbidden existence we shall become that transcends the boundaries]
[Thou shall dance like radiance within our inferno!]
~ Pseudo Dragon Deification chant

AxA Issei.jpg


Issei Hyoudou is the primary protagonist of the series High School DxD. An extremely lecherous individual, he is known as one of the most perverted individuals in Kuoh Academy alongside his best buddies, Matsuda and Motohama. He was asked out on a date by the Fallen Angel Raynare, who disguised herself as a normal human, only to be mercilessly killed at the climax of their date, due to his possession of a Sacred Gear, later revealed to be one of the eighteen Longinus, Sacred Gears that hold enough power to kill Gods when fully mastered. However, in his last moments, he subconsciously called out to Rias Gremory, inadvertently summoning her with the aid of a leaflet he received earlier, becoming reincarnated as a Devil under the servitude of the House of Gremory. At first incompetent and utterly unable to perform the most basic and rudimentary abilities of Devils, as well as being regarded as the weakest Boosted Gear wielder in history, he strives to become as strong as he can be to achieve his goal of becoming a Harem King and protect his loved ones.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B. 7-B | 7-B | 7-A | 7-A | 6-C | 7-A. 6-C | Low 6-B | Low 6-B | 6-B, possibly 5-B

Name: Issei Hyoudou, Ise, "Red Dragon Emperor", "Oppai Dragon", "Breast Dragon Emperor", "Red Dragon Emperor of Blazing Truth", "High School DxD"

Origin: High School DxD

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (Early Series), 18 (Final Arc)

Classification: Devil / Dragon, Super Devil, Special-class Devil, Sacred Gear Wielder, Member of DxD

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Aura, Flight, Longevity, Summoning, Breath Attack, Transformation, Teleportation, Energy Projection, Enhanced Senses, Forcefield Creation, Fire Manipulation, Speed Amplification, Extrasensory Perception, Holy Manipulation and Purification (Type 2 [1]), with Ascalon, Resurrection of others through Evil Pieces, Telepathy (Can read the thoughts of females by listening to their breasts [2]), Power Bestowal (Can transfer his power to other objects and people [3]), Cloth Manipulation (Can instantly destroy a female's clothes and "strip" techniques used on them [4]), Statistics Amplification (Can continuously double his power with the Boosted Gear [5]), Non-Physical Interaction (Characters in the series can interact with spirits which are stated to lack physical form [6]), Limited Durability Negation and Limited Resistance Negation (Can bypass defensive abilities [7]

[8] and inflict damage to the core of opponents [9]. It can also get through Gressil's Resistance ability [10]), Resistance to Mind Control [11], Fire and Heat[12], Magic (In a partially transformed state; dragon scales have resistance to magical attacks [13]), Biological Manipulation (Azazel's gender swap ray gun was ineffective on him [14]), Memory Manipulation (Retained his memories of Raynare after she wiped the memories of everyone who knew about herself in human disguise), Time Stop (Forbidden Balor View was ineffective on him because of Ddraig [15]), Spatial Manipulation (He was going to survive the collapse of Georg's dimension [16]), Life Manipulation (Grim Reapers can reduce the lifespan of people they hit with their scythes [17] but Thanatos' scythe didn't do such to him), and Soul Manipulation (His soul harbours Ophis' power of infinity, making it unable to be damaged or even touched as a result of her influence [18] [19])

All previous abilities enhanced, Attack Reflection, Absorption (Can absorb energy from the breasts of females to power his attacks), Regeneration (Can repair his armor if it suffers extensive damage and reform it in the event that it completely disappears), Statistics Reduction (Can continuously halve the power of his opponents and add it to his own [20]. Can halve the power of attacks until they are significantly weakened or eliminated entirely [21]) can create dragon claws from his wings, Resistance to Death Manipulation (Can survive in the Dimensional Gap [22], a world of void which kills whatever is inside of it by exposing them to nothingness [23])

Minor Spatial Manipulation (His Dragon Blaster warped an artificial dimension [24] and his energy blasts along with Ophis' caused severe damage to space in Georg's dimension [25])

All previous abilities enhanced, can generate blades from the gems in his armor

All previous abilities enhanced, Paralysis Inducement with Breast Power Wave

All previous abilities enhanced, can manifest Ddraig to fight alongside him, Resistance to Dragon Slaying (His armour sustained only minor damage from Gram, the most powerful dragon slaying weapon [26])

All previous abilities, Resistance to Power Nullification (Rizevim and Apophis couldn't nullify his abilities as a result of him possessing Ophis' power of infinity [27] [28]), and Poison Manipulation (He possesses the power and physiology of Ophis and Great Red, both of whom are immune to Reduce [29])

All previous abilities, Portal Creation, Large Size for Ryuuteimaru

Attack Potency: Wall level physically (Punched Raynare through a wall and out of a church building [30]). City level with Dragon Shot (Powerful enough to destroy a mountain while being stated to be on par with a High-class devil) and in later volumes (Stated to possess the power of a High-class devil [31]) | City level (His Balance Breaker takes him beyond the limit of his power, making him stronger than before [32]; fought on par with Riser Phenex) | Mountain level (Easily destroyed an entire mountain in the Gremory territory - which are described to be large [33] [34] - making it completely disappear [35]) | Mountain level (Significantly more powerful than before; obliterated a complete and sturdier replication of Kyoto [36]) | Island level (Juggernaut Drive users can destroy mountains and islands [37] and are stated to be capable of fighting against Satans and Gods [38], making him comparable to Maou-class individuals like Grayfia Lucifuge) | Mountain level (Stronger than his Illegal Move Triaina; can match Balance Breaker Sairaorg who could easily destroy his Welsh Dragonic Rook, which is five or six times thicker than his normal armour [39]), Island level in later volumes (Comparable to Maou-class individuals such as Grayfia) | Small Country level+ (It was stated that he could give Crom Cruach a good fight if it weren't for his time limit and was stated to be comparable to Diabolos Dragon Lucifer Vali in some aspects [40]. Annihilated the majority of a mountainous terrain filled with mountains, valleys, rivers and trees with an Infinity Blaster bombardment, turning more than half of a Rating Game field into a barren wasteland) | Small Country level+ (Stronger than his previous state) | Country level (Even when suppressing his power, his firepower is equivalent to multiple Infinity Blasters combined [41] and he could easily defeat an opponent that would be difficult for his Pseudo Dragon Deification to handle), possibly Planet level (Stated to be capable of destroying the planet several times, and is suggested to potentially be capable of doing so with a single attack at full power [42])

Speed: Unknown. Massively Hypersonic in later volumes | At least Massively Hypersonic (Faster than his unarmoured state) with Sub-Relativistic reactions (Comparable to Riser Phenex) | At least Sub-Relativistic (Blitzed Diodora Astaroth [43]), FTL in later volumes (Dodged a surprise attack from Barakiel, who is superior to Balance Breaker Vali) | At least Sub-Relativistic (Despite warning her prior, he blitzed Kuisha - who should at least be comparable to Crocell - and nearly killed her before she could react [44]), FTL in later volumes (Faster than his Balance Breaker state) | FTL (Blitzed Shalba Beelzebub and tore his flesh before he could react) | FTL (He was stated to be faster than Balance Breaker Vali [45]), higher with Star Sonic Booster | FTL (Far superior to his previous state) | FTL (Faster than his previous state; blitzed Rizevim Livan Lucifer) | FTL (Managed to evade some attacks from Tartarus)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman (Stronger than normal humans. Performed a few hundred push-ups and climbed a steep mountain with a large rock and Rias attached to his back) | At least Superhuman (Stronger than his previous state) | At least Class 10 (Comparable to Ouryuu Nakiri) | At least Class 10 | Class T | Class T (Comparable to Balance Breaker Sairaorg) | Class T (Far stronger than his Cardinal Crimson Promotion state) | Class T (Stronger than his Pseudo Diabolos Dragon Deification) | At least Class T (Far stronger than all of his previous forms)

Striking Strength: Wall Class (Punched Raynare through a wall). City Class in later volumes (Deflected a casual attack from Sonneillon) | City Class (Broke through a casual Balance Breaker Vali's shield of light) | Mountain Class (Can physically deflect his own Dragon Shots) | Mountain Class (Far stronger than his Balance Breaker state; overpowered base Sairaorg who was on par with his Balance Breaker) | Island Class (Easily deflected Shalba's attack with a mere flap of his wings and took off his limbs with physical attacks) | Mountain Class (Fought on par with Balance Breaker Sairaorg, who could easily destroy his Welsh Dragonic Rook), Island Class in later volumes | Small Country Class+ (Can physically damage comparable opponents; deflected Erebus' wave of darkness which caused cracks on his armour) | Small Country Class+ (Stronger than his previous state) | Country Class (Easily pierced through Tartarus and sliced off his arms), possibly Planet Class

Durability: Wall level. City level in later volumes (Could physically deflect a casual attack from Sonneillon) | City level (Managed to withstand casual attacks from Balance Breaker Vali [46]) | Mountain level (Tanked attacks from people who can easily deflect the Dragon Shot such as Sairaorg [47]) | Mountain level (More durable than before), higher with Welsh Dragonic Rook (His armour is stated to be five or six times thicker than usual, allowing him to withstand attacks that could easily pierce his normal Balance Breaker [48]), Unknown with Welsh Sonic Boost Knight | Island level (Comparable to other Maou-class individuals) | Mountain level (Can withstand attacks from Balance Breaker Sairaorg, who could easily destroy his most durable armour), Island level in later volumes | Small Country level+ (Managed to withstand Vidar's Fimbulvetr Shot, which stalemated a continuous bombardment of his Infinity Blaster, and got up shortly after [49]) | Small Country level+ (Superior to his previous state) | Country level (Tanked all of Tartarus' attacks without a scratch), possibly Planet level

Stamina: High (Can fight with fractured bones and crushed arms, and could temporarily endure the sensation of Raynare's light burning up and melting his insides at the beginning of the series. Even after sustaining serious injuries against Apophis, he went on to use a physically draining form and fought against both him and 666's consciousness in quick succession. Was also hinted to possess better endurance than Yuuto, although his strongest forms have time limits)

Range: Standard melee range, hundreds of meters with Dragon Shot | At least hundreds of meters | Standard melee range, several kilometers with Dragon Shot | Tens of kilometers | Tens of kilometers | Tens of kilometers | Dozens of kilometers | Dozens of kilometers | At least dozens of kilometers, possibly planetary

Standard Equipment: His Sacred Gear; Boosted Gear

  • Ascalon I: A Holy Sword is given to Issei as a present and to serve as a supporting weapon due to him being the weakest Sekiryuutei in history as at that time. It is a dragon slaying sword formerly wielded by the legendary Saint George. Its effects against draconic opponents are shown to be very effective, greatly damaging considerably superior opponents to him, such as destroying Vali's armor with the same ease as tearing paper. When used in tandem with a blast from one of his cannons, it tore off half of the face of Crom Cruach along with his wing from its roots, who is noted to have trained to be resistant to dragon slaying abilities and shown to be impervious to Tathlum, which was formerly lethal and threatening against him. Issei can enhance its effects with Boost and Penetrate, use it to fire off several waves of holy aura at his foes, and incorporate the dragon slaying attribute into his melee and ranged attacks.
  • Ascalon II: A new holy sword created using techniques from the Three Factions. It is a longsword that gives off holy aura and is said to be tailor made for dragons. Its effectiveness against draconic opponents is greater compared to the first Ascalon.
  • Prototype Ascalon: A prototype model of Ascalon II. It possesses similar albeit inferior properties to the original, and is usually used for surprise attacks as well as to serve as an extra limb of sorts in combat.
  • Evil Pieces: A set of chess pieces that allow him to turn other beings into devils, including those that are deceased.
  • Optional Equipment:
    • Phoenix Tears: A small bottle containing the tears of the members of the House of Phoenix. These tears can be used to heal both minor and serious injuries, and can also be utilized to reattach lost limbs.
  • Can Create / Summon:
    • Ryuuteimaru: Issei's familiar, which can be summoned at any point in time. It is the legendary flying, sailing magical ship of Norse mythology known as Skithblathnir. Reputed as a living airship used for transportation purposes, it was created by the Ivaldi tribe who also created Mjölnir, the legendary divine hammer wielded by Thor. Although it is predominantly as small as a toy and model ship in size, it can evolve and change its appearance based on the aura and imagination of its master. After Issei's growth, it becomes an enormous airship with the hull of a dragon, with its exterior gaining a draconic appearance as a result of the effects of Dragon Deification. After evolving further due to Great Red's power manifesting in him, he once again undergoes several radical changes and develops various weapons and defenses, along with considerably shrinking in size.

Intelligence: Originally incompetent in combat and the use of his Sacred Gear, Issei has mastered its use to greater effectiveness and has rapidly developed to become skilled in combat, being shown holding his own against adept and skilled close combatants such as Sairaorg and Vidar, quickly adapting to the latter's skillful and unique use of his legs in combat rather than his arms. Additionally, he has shown to be capable of compensating against more skilled opponents by thinking up clever strategies on the fly, improvising and exploiting their weaknesses in the middle of a fight, such as taking advantage of Vali's ability to absorb power for himself to overload him with excess energy and incapacitate him, and utilizing Transfer to enhance Kiba's speed to a point he couldn't control. He is also capable of outsmarting Cao Cao with a little bit of preparation and coordinating the Gremory Group with simple but effective strategies to successful results in the absence of their leader. Currently, he is getting smarter every day, as a capable fighter as well as a group leader so as his knowledge regarding subjects such as the supernatural, mythological, and the Rating Game.

Weaknesses: As a Devil and Dragon, Issei will take extra damage from holy/light-based attacks - although he has been shown to take attacks from such weapons and abilities - and Dragon Slaying weapons. He is extremely perverted and is often preoccupied with stripping female opponents rather than defeating them. The Juggernaut Drive is activated when Issei is overwhelmed by negative emotions such as anger and continual usage of it decreases his lifespan. The Divine Dividing Gear would decrease his lifespan upon use (no longer the case after obtaining the Dividing Wyvern Fairy). Pseudo DxD lasts for eighty eight minutes. Blazing Inferno of Scorching Flames will not work against Albion, Ophis, and Great Red. Issei cannot control Ryuuteimaru properly and it consumes too much energy, making AxA last for a short period of time. Additionally, after its deactivation, Issei is left exhausted for a few days, with Ryuuteimaru rendered completely immobile for the same timespan.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Issei summoning the Boosted Gear

  • Gauntlet of the Red Dragon EmperorBOOSTED GEAR: Issei's Sacred Gear and one of the eighteen Longinus. It initially takes the appearance of a red gauntlet with a gem embedded in it. After evolving in response to Issei's feelings, its shape and form changed. It allows him to double his power every ten seconds. He can transfer his power to other people and objects, drastically improving their effects and capabilities. As is the case with all Sacred Gears, it can respond to his thoughts, feelings, and emotions to evolve according to his desires, increasing his power and gaining extra abilities such as allowing him to gauge the difference between him and his opponent. It also holds the spirit of the slain legendary Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig, who helps him with strategies and occasional advice.
    • Armour of the Red Dragon EmperorBOOSTED GEAR: SCALE MAIL: It takes the form of a red plated armor that possesses the appearance of a Dragon. In this form, he can double his power without the ten second limit. He also has a rocket booster propulsion on his back that allows him to increase his speed in short bursts, and his wings contain claws that can be utilized as extra limbs.

Issei firing his Dragon Shot

  • Dragon Shot: Issei focuses his demonic power into his hand and unleashes a large red beam of energy. He can easily shoot multiple of them and freely control them in midair, redirecting them to chase dodging targets.
  • Clothes CollapseDRESS BREAK: Issei can completely destroy the clothes of any female he makes contact with. As long as he has made contact with them, he can instantly trigger it at any time at all by snapping his fingers. With the help of his Diabolos Dragon Deification, he can stop the movements of targets before triggering the technique. Due to how he imagined it when developing the technique, it works on anything covering a female including magic and other techniques, destroying Georg's device and some restraints attached to Asia, and the holy swords surrounding Jeanne's lower body. Its effects also extend to non-physical techniques such as curses and mind control.
    • Dress Break DxD: After undergoing Dragon Deification and hitting females with his energy, Issei is able to activate Dress Break from a distance without the need for prior physical contact.
  • Breast LanguagePAILINGUAL: It allows him to hear the voice of, and communicate with the breasts of females. He can listen to their thoughts and strategies and is useful for gaining knowledge on their plans, techniques and possible weaknesses, eliminating the chance of getting caught off guard and allowing him to stay one step ahead of them. It ignores and bypasses resistances and countermeasures to conventional telepathy, as it is simply breast communication. Its effects also extend past biological breasts, as it could work on Sona's spirit.
    • Pai Phone: A variation of Pailingual that enables Issei to communicate with the breasts of females through another pair of breasts. The speed and line of the transmission are dependent on the bust size of the carrier.
  • Super Breast Wave CannonNYUUTRON BEAM CANNON: It allows Issei to absorb energy from the breasts of females by attaching the tail of his armor to them, with the absorbed energy used for a large scale attack. Its power depends on the size of the breasts involved. As a side effect, the strength of the female will also be drained, leaving them unable to initiate countermeasures.
  • Flame Blaze: Issei inhales an amount of air to fill his lungs, then forms a small amount of flames in his stomach, while using the Boosted Gear's ability to enhance it, and breathes out a large stream of dragon flames from his mouth toward his enemies. It can cover a large area, and Issei can further increase the area of effect.
  • Promotion: Being a Pawn, Issei can use promotion to temporarily gain the traits and abilities of the other Evil Pieces, promoting to Rook to enhance his offence and defence, Knight to increase his speed, Bishop to increase his demonic power, and Queen to gain the traits of the Rook, Bishop and Knight pieces at once.
  • Fairies of the White Dragon EmperorDIVIDING WYVERN FAIRY: Issei summons several small white dragons from the jewels in his armor. He can control and direct them with his thoughts, and they can reflect attacks and also use 'Divide' to halve the power of targets. He can change the colour of the wyverns into red, granting them the ability to use 'Boost', 'Transfer' and 'Penetrate'.
  • Tail Blade: Issei elongates the tail portion of the armour and attacks opponents with the prototype model of Ascalon hidden there. It can be executed with both of the other Ascalons along with ricocheting his Dragon Shots off of them for more effective results.
  • Dragonification: As a result of his body being created from Great Red's, Issei can transform his limbs into that of a dragon to increase his offense and defense, with his dragon scales also providing a measure of resistance to magical attacks. He can also create dragon wings for flight.

Juggernaut Drive

  • Dragon of SupremacyJUGGERNAUT DRIVE: It is a forbidden move unique to the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing, it temporarily lifts the seal placed on the Heavenly Dragons the God of the Bible, giving the user a tremendous increase in power. Issei's armor undergoes several changes, taking on an organic appearance and various appendages appearing in different parts of his armor. He can manifest dragon arms and blades from the jewels on his armor, and unleash a red laser from the cannon in the mouth of his helm.
    • Longinus Smasher: Issei opens up the chest and stomach area of his armor, revealing a launcher. He gathers a large amount of aura at the cannon, which is then compressed and released at the target, causing massive destruction.
  • Red Dragon Emperor's Three-Pronged PromotionILLEGAL MOVE TRIDENT: The Illegal Move Trident is a specialized technique used by Issei Hyoudou that changes his Scale Mail armor into three different forms based on the Evil Pieces system.
  • Welsh Sonic Boost Knight: Issei sheds excess weight from his armor for considerably increased speed, leaving him with a delicate full body armor with low defense.
  • Welsh Dragonic Rook: Issei gains incredible offense and defense, in exchange for decreased speed, due to his armor becoming much heavier and thicker than usual.
    • Solid Impact: Issei's arms become several times bigger and thicker than usual, allowing for increased damage. He can further increase the strength of his attacks by nailing down the percussion hammer located in his elbow.
  • Welsh Blaster Bishop: Issei gains a considerable increase in demonic power, with two massive cannons forming on his shoulders.
    • Dragon Blaster: Issei focuses his power into the cannons on his shoulders, and releases a massive blast of energy at his foes. It is significantly powerful, capable of vaporising targets and warping space-time. He can aim both of the cannons at different directions to affect two separate targets at once, and minimize or expand the area of effect of his blasts at will.
  • True Crimson DragonCARDINAL CRIMSON PROMOTION: Issei gains access to the True Queen after convincing the past possessors of the Boosted Gear. The colour of Issei's armour changes from red to crimson, and he's able to utilize enhanced versions of his moves in his Triana Forms. It has become his current Balance Breaker.
    • Star Sonic Booster: Issei attains speed far surpassing that of Welsh Sonic Knight.
    • Solid Impact Booster: An enhanced form of Solid Impact. Crimson aura envelopes his arms, and they become several times bigger. He retains the ability to increase the impact and damage of his punches by nailing down on the percussion hammer in his elbow.
    • Crimson Blaster: Issei expands his dragon wings, revealing the cannons located there, and silently builds up energy rapidly in the cannons, unleashing a large amount of crimson aura at his foes, creating a huge explosion.
    • Longinus Smasher: The final and forbidden attack of the Boosted Gear. Issei changes the chest area of his armor, and unleashes a vast amount of aura from the launcher hidden there.
  • TransmitPENETRATE: One of Ddraig's original abilities which were locked away in the depths of the Boosted Gear. It allows Issei to bypass objects that prevent him from hitting his opponents directly and any form of defense, whether physical or supernatural - including those that nullify powers on contact, allowing him to directly strike the core of his opponents, potentially inflicting fatal damage. It can be used to see through solid obstructions when applied to the eyes, and can even be used to bypass attacks in certain situations; for instance, a beam struggle.

Pseudo DxD with Ddraig manifestation

  • Diabolos Dragon Deification: Issei unlocked this form after releasing Ophis' power and borrowing her power of infinity. His armor becomes organic and its colour changes to crimson and black, with the symbol of infinity appearing on the gems. It possesses four wings, with cannons equipped within them. Due to the debilitating effects of the transformation, he switched to a degraded version regarded as Pseudo Diabolos Dragon Deification. It originally lasted for three minutes, reducing to ten seconds if he acted offensively or defensively. It is shown to be resilient to dragon slaying weaponry, as it took only minor damage from Gram, the most powerful dragon slaying sword. After drinking a simple version of Amrita and barely surviving its aftereffects, the transformation lasts for eighty minutes and he can manifest a physical form of Ddraig to fight alongside him after a countdown of eight minutes.
    • Breast Power Wave: Issei fires his red and black dragon energy at opponents. It has a special effect of completely halting the movements of females.
    • Infinity Blaster: Issei charges up the cannons situated in his four wings, and fires a bombardment of a combination of crimson and black aura at his foes.
    • Blazing Inferno of Scorching Flames: Issei breathes flames that can never be extinguished and will continuously burn until the target is reduced to ashes or disintegrated. It can engulf an entire island.
  • Apocalypse AnswerArms: Issei gains this form by combining with his familiar Ryuuteimaru. As a result of the power of Great Red being too much for his body to handle, it manifests in Ryuuteimaru whose appearance subsequently changes into that of a flying unit wrapped in a thin cocoon-like membrane with a cave shaped hole in his middle. Additionally, he posseses numerous weapons, cannons and other devices along with thrusters situated on various parts of his body for the purpose of increasing speed. By inserting the tail of his armour into a particular hole, Issei is able to synchronize with Ryuuteimaru and control him. The full capabilities of this form are currently unknown as Ryuuteimaru is still incomplete and hiding various weapons.
    • Revelation Barrier: Issei activates numerous devices on various parts of Ryuuteimaru's body, creating a sturdy barrier to defend himself from attacks.
    • Revelation Blade (Apocalypse Ascalon): Issei operates Ryuuteimaru's body by making his upper and lower body slide, resulting in the creation of new arms. He then generates gigantic blades of aura to attack opponents.
    • Revelation All-Range Blaster: Issei activates several muzzles on Ryuuteimaru's body, unleashing a powerful bombardment of energy from all of the cannons.

Key: Base | Incomplete Balance Breaker | Complete Balance Breaker | Illegal Move Triaina | Juggernaut Drive | Cardinal Crimson Promotion | Pseudo Diabolos Dragon Deification | True Diabolos Dragon Deification | Apocalypse AnswerArms


  • Boost isn't used to quantify the statistics of the characters due to it being too incosistent to follow our Multipliers standards.
  • It should be noted that while Blazing Inferno of Scorching Flames is said to be unable to be turned off until the target is reduced to ashes, this doesn't mean the ability negates durability.


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