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Tthe Interdictor-class star destroyer was part of a series of experimental Interdictor cruisers developed by the Galactic Empire. Designed some time before 14 BBY, at which point the it was considered “state of the art”, the Imperial Navy used these vessels throughout the Outer Rim territories, having them patrol areas of space along hyperspace lanes likely to be used by rebel forces. They relied on their enormous gravity well projectors, which simulated the mass shadow of a planet, to rip vessels out of hyperspace. Any vessels they pulled from hyperspace would either be inspected thoroughly or, if proven to be hostile, obliterated outright. Interdictors were also used around blockaded planets where outgoing traffic was heavily monitored, preventing those wanted by the empire from just escaping into hyperspace.

Although they proved themselves quite useful, their various vulnerabilities and mounting operational expenses resulted in the Imperial Navy phasing them out starting in 0 ABY. The empire found it easier and more cost effective to simply mount four gravity well projectors on existing Imperial I-class and Imperial II-class star destroyers, whose far larger and vastly more powerful hypermatter reactors and deflector screens eliminated some of the weaknesses that plagued this line.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B with quad laser cannons, possibly High 7-A

Name: Interdictor-class star destroyer

Origin: Star Wars

Classification: Starship, Cruiser, Support Ship, Interdictor

Users: Imperial Navy

Length: 1,129 metres

Material: Mostly neutronium impregnated durasteel plating on the hull

Needed prerequisite for use: Trained crew of 2,800 (including dozens of gunners and gravity well projector operators)

Terrain: Space, Atmosphere

Attack Potency: City level with quad laser cannons (Should be far more powerful than the outdated laser cannons of an Arquitens-class Light Cruiser. Quickly destroyed a disabled Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, which are twice as large as a CR90 Corvette and likely more durable), possibly Large Mountain level+ (Inflicted heavy damage on a Quasar Fire-class cruiser, though its possible the vessel was concentrating all power to its forward shields)

Speed: Subsonic+ atmospheric speed (975+ km/hr). Can accelerate continuously to Sub-Relativistic speeds in space (At least as fast as the Clone Wars era Venators and Acclamators). Massively FTL+ travel via hyperspace (Equipped with a Class 2 hyperdrive. Should thus be this fast)

Durability: At least Large Mountain level+ without deflector shields (Far larger and more durable than something like the Arquitens-class Light Cruiser). Likely at least Large Island level with deflector shields (Has a different deflector screen system compared to other capital ships. Has a set of a dozen deflector shield generators spread out across the hull at various points. While nowhere near as powerful as the shields of dedicated heavy cruisers, they should nonetheless be at the very least as powerful as if not more so than the shielding of the Arquitens-class, and more than capable of taking a burst of heavy turbolaser fire before depleting)

Range: Hundreds to thousands of kilometres with laser and turbolaser cannons, planetary (tens of thousands of kilometres) with interdiction fields at full power.


  • The gravity well projectors necessitate a weapons layout across the hull which does not take full advantage of the ship’s wedge shape and leaves several firing blind spots.
  • Due to the blind spots in its defensive weapons emplacements, is vulnerable to attack by strike fighters and bombers. This necessitates an active defensive fighter screen and support from corvette grade escort vessels.
  • Gravity well projectors can strain the ship’s hypermatter reactors with constant use. When depleted, they may need as much as five to ten minutes to get back up to optimal power.
  • Clashing and overloaded interdiction fields can potentially cause all nearby vessels, be they friendly or enemy, to crash into the Interdictor with devastating results.
  • Catastrophic failure of the gravity well projectors can potentially cause the entire vessel to rip itself apart.
  • Skilled enough strike fighter or bomber pilots can fly through gaps in their deflector screens and attack the shield generators or gravity well projectors directly (as Luke Skywalker once demonstrated).


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