Instinctive Reaction is the ability to react to oncoming attacks without the need for conscious thought. As such, those with this ability will automatically dodge and possibly counter oncoming attacks through muscle memory or instinct. As a result, the user is free to utilize the mental effort that is normally spent on performing these movements on other things.


  • Can prove to act more unpredictable to the enemy
  • More time to focus on long term strategies in a fight than how one must actually fight and react
  • Can evade unexpected danger without much exertion


  • If the opponent is so fast that they border on blitzing the user, the skill becomes ineffective and irrelevant.
  • Muscles can be slowed down by injuries or injured body parts can hinder the effectiveness of this ability.
  • May be rendered irrelevant if the opponent has precognition to predict their movements.
  • Its effectiveness is limited by the effectiveness of one's senses, and can be tricked by anything outside of those senses.

Similar Abilities

  • Precognition: Instinctive Reaction is similar to precognition in that it allows the user to move ahead of time without delay, however precognition bases it off the user's mental ability to see shortly into the future
  • Active Sync: To be in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, for anything you want. This is similar to Instinctive Reaction, but bases the natural ability to be at the right place of probability instead of the natural flow of their body.


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