There is a way to turn an entity into data. They have a life of their own, and it is difficult to distinguish them from normal computer files. In our actions of everyday, while we sit at the computer, this byte entity observes, and studies our every move and fear.


Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare is a 2011 (with a 2016 remake) meta-horror indie game, created by Ivan Zanotti. Due to its metafiction nature, the game is noted for having almost no fourth wall, with the interactions with the player's computer being common.

The story is very vague, as it features a silent featureless protagonist. The player wanders in a strange and dark world, tortured by an entity known as "White Face". As the player progress through the game, they learn more about the setting of the game, even if little of it.

Power of the Verse

It is an extremely powerful verse. One of the main characters is capable of easily creating universes, and potentially affect space-time.

It also possesses drastically powerful hax, as most gameplay mechanics are made canon due to the meta nature of the game, including respawning (Immortality), hacking the game (Reality Warping), and much more.


See this blog for explanations regarding the verse's powers and setting.






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