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369,602 files have been uploaded to the VS Battles wiki, most of them images, and a large part of them are important to create an appealing layout for our profile pages. As the title implies, Image Helpers are important for rendering, evaluating, or designing images that are useful for the wiki.


What is required of Image Helpers in addition to regular member responsibilities:

  • Image Helpers need to monitor the Image Renders Requests Threads, and help out with rendering images when it is needed.
  • They should also be willing to help out with other images-related work, such as design and quality evaluation.


The benefits of being an Image Helper:

  • Staff member: Image Helpers are part of the managing staff, and as such can take part in staff discussions. In other words, they are allowed to offer input regarding the future direction of the site, and their opinions will be taken into consideration when creating/modifying site policies.
  • Their opinions are considered highly valuable in areas of image design, evaluation, and editing.


The following pre-requisites must be met for appointment as an Image Helper:

  • The member should be highly familiar with the Guide to Basic Rendering.
  • The member should have contributed with at least 5 high quality renders for the above-mentioned requests threads. Alternatively, the member should have been of significant help with designing images that are useful for the wiki. It is naturally important that the member has performed productive work, as it will not count otherwise.
  • The member should have been active for at least 4 months, with at least 2 months of frequent activity.


The Image Helper position may be removed under any of the following conditions:

  • Severe violation of the wiki rules.
  • Bad-mouthing the wiki policies, or direct disobedience of an administrator or bureaucrat in relation to site policies.
    • Personally disagreeing with them is an entirely separate issue. In case of such a disagreement, try to resolve it via private conversation with the higher-ranked staff members, instead of exploding publicly.
  • Inactivity for a prolonged period of time:
    • Complete inactivity for a period of three months or more, without informing the administrators of valid reasons beforehand.