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Image Comics (or just Image) is the 3rd largest comic publishing company in the USA, after Marvel and DC. It was founded in 1992, and has grown from there. It has an imprint publisher called TopCow. As well as superhero comics such as Spawn and Invincible, Image also has a large focus on author owned stories, such as The Walking Dead, Saga, Chew & Sex Criminals.

Power of the Verse

Image Comics is an extremely strong verse, with several tier 2 characters and at least one possible Hyperverse level character.

Supporters/Opponents of the verse





Top Cow


  • Timesuck
  • Allegra
  • Lying Cat
  • Izabel
  • Prince Robot IV
  • The Will
  • Tony Chu
  • Josephine


Power-scaling between different Image Comics comicbook titles is generally unreliable.

Basically, with certain exception (such as the various titles directly overseen by Robert Kirkman, or Todd McFarlane, and respectively closely connect to the events of Invincible, or Spawn alone) each of them has a continuity that is only reasonably consistent with itself. The authors are sometimes allowed to use each other's characters, but the stories do not affect or reflect the other sections of Image comicbooks at all.

Erik Larsen, the author of Savage Dragon, once defined them as copy characters that live in the worlds of the other books, but that any potential crossovers simply mean that similar events happened in each world at once.

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