In order for a mediocre man to defeat a genius, he has to become a demon.
~ Ikki regarding his work ethic and methodology
My swordsmanship does not seek to become powerful. It seeks to win. Therefore, I will do everything I can possible do to defeat my opponent. Even if my opponent is more powerful than me, I will win. Even if that seems like trickery to you, brother, it is the answer that I, the weakest one, came up with. That is Ikki Kurogane’s swordsmanship. I do not intend to apologize for it.

Ittou Shura
Here, with my greatest weakness, I'll defeat your greatest strength―!

At that moment, Ikki's whole body and Intetsu's full length started to shine.''

Ittou Rasetsu
One minute was too long. Right now, he just needed one second!

―So be it, he'll sharpen his soul.

Vision, taste, hearing, touch, smell―right now, he didn't need any of them. In this instant, he didn't even need to breathe. Abandoning all of those things, he concentrated the strength left over.

All of his flesh. All of his brain. All of his blood. All of his cells, everything from them.

His personal vitality, stamina, magic power, potential, he mustered all that he had―

―And for an instant, he broke past his limits!!!


Ikki Kurogane is the main male protagonist of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan. Despite him hailing from a well-respected clan that has produced superior Blazers for generations, Ikki is considered to be a failure even for an F-Rank Blazer. Blazers are treated as "superior" creatures because it is believed that no matter how much one trains, mundane things like martial arts cannot beat someone who's a higher rank as a blazer. Due to this, his existence as an F-Rank with the surname of samurai Ryouma who was such a great blazer he lead Japan to victory during the World War II and with his siblings being an A-Rank a rank that defines prodigies that are said to be born one every 30 years, and a B-Rank with prodigious magic control, he was believed to be a failure that is why he was never taught the Kurogane Sword Style nor was he ever given the luxury of being trained by anyone, a luxury even ones who were not in the main family-like Ikki, were given. There was never a seat saved for him during any celebration, and Ikki would be locked up inside his room. It was then on his fifth birthday, his father said, You can't do anything, so don't try, then he never said anything or looked in his direction. Unable to endure it anymore, Ikki ran from home on another New Years Celebration, where he had found himself lost inside a blizzard where he cried, realizing no one except Shizuku would be sad if he died. There Ikki encountered his great-grandfather, Ryoma Kurogane, who told him to believe in himself. Those were the last words Ryouma told Ikki, due to dying shortly after Ikki left home from to old age. Soon after leaving the Kurogane Household, he began to live on his own.

During middle school, Ikki would make it a habit to challenge several dojos and their masters, where he was either refused, or the other students would gang upon him, the latter occurred on multiple occasions. A year before the start of the series, Ikki decided to attend Hagun Academy. During his first-year, Ikki faced opposition from his family, who forced the school to make Ikki fail and made him retake the year. He was not allowed to take classes and was harassed in many ways, one of the most notable being Shizuya Kirihara mocking him and attacking him to make him fight back. A plot prepared by the teachers to find a reason to have Ikki expelled on Kurogane Household's orders. However, all to no avail, as they never found a way to expel Ikki.

1 year later Kurono Shinguuji, the 3rd ranking knight in the KoK A-League, was hired as the new director of Hagun Academy, after taking an interest in Ikki, Kurono decided to help him, and "destroyed" everyone who was trying to hinder him as well as giving him a chance at graduating despite the system not allowing such a thing. Kurono decided that if Ikki managed to become the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, she would allow him to graduate as, at that point, there would be no one in the entire world who could judge his blazer skills.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A, at least Low 7-C in Ittou Shura, at least 7-C in Ittou Rasetsu | 7-B, At least High 7-A with Madoka. 7-B in Ittou Shura, At least High 7-A in Ittou Rasetsu

Name: Ikki Kurogane; Worst One, Failure Knight, Another One, Uncrowned Sword King, Seven Stars Sword King, The Heir of Ryoma, Man-Eating Demon, God of Sword

Origin: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Classification: Human, Blazer

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Master Swordsmanship (He knows at least 128 different sword styles and has mastered the majority of them and improves them beyond all former users by correcting all the flaws of the technique, in essence, making it perfect), Soul Manipulation (Blazers can manifest their souls as a weapon), Expert Marksman, Expert Martial Artist, Body Control (Ikki has immense control over his own body, so much so that he can use Ittou Shura and Ittou Rasetsu both of which require an immense control over his own body, Ittou Rasetsu, in particular, being stated to work because he can consciously shut down all senses and squeeze energy from his every cell), Extrasensory Perception (He can sense the presence of magic and the auras exuded by others), Analytical Prediction (He can predict what an opponent will do next by muscle movements. Furthermore, he can predict actions, thought and emotions through perfect vision; "his ability to expose and reflect the true nature of everything he sees" if he had finished observing an opponent he knows the possibility of how they will act due to the system they follow), Enhanced Senses (All of Ikki's senses are enhanced to the point where he can feel every grain of dust hit his skin, can see every strand of someone's hair mid-fight, can find the speed and location of something just from hearing it, hear the blood flow of something and more. Furthermore he has an extreme awareness of everything around him, where he doesn't even need sense things that enter his range and has the "Samurai's Sixth Sense"), Probability Manipulation (Having a luck criterria of F, Ikki is extremely unlucky), Statistics Amplification (Ikki can amplify his reaction speed without using his Ittou Forms. Can amplify his statistics at least 10x using Ittou Shura, and at least 200x using Ittou Rasetsu), Afterimage Creation, Willpower Manipulation (Phantom Form Intetsu doesn't attack the body however it works on wrong impression as such a hit in a vital spot makes it so they faint and fall asleep), Information Analysis and Clairvoyance (Perfect Vision allows Ikki to completely grasp an opponent's identity understanding everything about them and knowing and predicting their every thought, action and feeling; Ikki's eye is remarkably perceptive as such he noticed Amane was not normal, Stella was not just talented but also a hard worker, learned the secret technique of Ayase Ayatsuji's father just by looking at her sword stance, noticed Kurado's reflex speed was faster than normal and more), Technique Mimicry and Reactive Evolution (He could copy Ayase's style from seeing its stance and understood everything about the style even secret techniques of the original creator of the style who was a legendary swordsman furthermore it took him 30 seconds to fully perfect Stella's swordsmanship making the style essentially flawless by fixing all it's incorrections or useless movements), Non-Physical Interaction, Immense Resolve and Willpower (His resolve is so great that it overwhelmed the entire stadium to the point that just looking at Ikki's face made them feel scared), Self Mind Manipulation (Ikki has full control over his body and mind this allows him to understand, replicate and perfect things he cannot even perceive such as Edelweiss' sword style and Trackless Step), likely Stealth Mastery (Ikki replicated Trackless Step so that it works not only when he attacks but at any time making people unable to see him or sense his presence), Extreme Resistance to Pain (Ikki has an insane amount of pain tolerance, so much so that he could take on Touka Toudou in their last fight after being fed poisonous food and having been fighting in the tournament for several weeks. Furthermore, he could withstand the pain from the sickness of Yuuri Oreki and her Violet Pain, a pain so great no one, including highly trained guards, can withstand, and even Yuuri herself suffers greatly from it. Yet, Ikki did not even flinch. He could also fight at full power despite being pierced through many parts of his body) and Physical attacks (Due to being a blazer he has strong resistances to any physical attack that is not magically based), Soul Manipulation

All previous abilities in addition to Precognition (Although he gained it through skill and experience Ikki could apparently see visions of his own death from an incoming attack), Enhanced Information Analysis and Clairvoyance (His Insight improves significantly), Attack Reflection (Using Madoka), Instinctive Reaction (Ikki is capable of instinctive reaction, not only can he move before thinking but he can also act, attack, defend and counter while being unconscious such as he did in his fight against Edelweiss and Stella, Enhanced Self-Biological Manipulation (Ikki has extreme body control as such he can focus all his body vectors in 1 direction or even start his own heart after it stops working), Enhanced Technique Mimicry and Reactive Evolution (Can copy any skill or technique and adapt or improve it to better suit his own style), limited Durability Negation (Dokuga No Tachi ignores any form of armor by sending shockwaves directly inside the body. Furthermore after learning Edelweiss' sword technique he could cut a metal pipe using a sheet of paper), Energy Dispersion (Ikki is capable of ignoring side effects from powerful attacks by taking hits in certain positions so that he fully channels the energy into the ground, using rotational movement to send the attack back or by using his body control so that the energy passes through his body entirely and flows back without damaging it), Reactive Power Level (He and Stella were getting stronger and faster the more the fight went on), After subcoinsciously learning Edelweiss's swordplay he can reach top speed without accelerating, Can erase his killing intent, Resistance to Heat Manipulation and Fire Manipulation (By lowering his surface area and using speed he could negate all of Stella Vermillion's fire based attacks by getting through or out of them before they could do any damage. Stella also stated that through the same techniques he can even run in lava without problems), Electricity Manipulation (Touka's electrical charges had no notable effect on him due to his body control allowing him to manipulate his heart muscle and neurotransmission to recover quickly), Extreme Resistance to Fear Manipulation (He can move and fight despite being frozen in fear, and he was unaffected by Yuudai taking an offensive stance, an action which froze in fear tens of thousands of blazers watching), Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation (Could fight against Edelweiss) and other mental abilities (Due to being able to attack and fight with instincts alone while unconscious he can fight while having an inactive mind)

All previous abilities in addition to Acausality (Type 4. All desperados exist beyond the fate of the world, altogether transcending it. Through this Desperados ignore their restrictions from fate, Amane Shinomiya's Nameless Glory and even The Prime Minister who can see the fate of the entire world could not see anything about their fate or future), Fate Manipulation (As beings who have transcended the fate of the world, Desperados are the only ones capable of changing their fate and the future of the world around them. Furthermore, anyone who decides to challenge a desperado sees the end of their fate, and all of their beliefs' negative beliefs become a reality. Due to being transcendent of Fate and Causality their gravitational pull of destiny and causality ends up swallowing the will and fate of everyone around them), Death Manipulation (Desperados are capable of killing other people only by willing it. Furthermore people become fated to die the moment they challenge a desperado), Statistics Amplification and Empowerment (The amount of magic a person possesses is linked to their fate and impossible to change; however, Desperados are capable of changing their magic capacity increasing it to levels even beyond A-Rank students), Causality Manipulation (Using Oikage he can enforce the causality of killing into his blade to through defenses like Iris' armor, Desperados are capable of forcing effects on people by just willing it), Aura (The fate of desperados when they are showing bloodlust can be felt, and that fate spells "death" and makes people experience their death in detail), Fear Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation, Body Puppetry, Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation (All Desperados can make opponents experience extreme fear, paralyze them, make them lose their will to fight and alter their senses with their presence alone)

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block level (1/10th of his Ittou Shura strength), at least Small Town level in Ittou Shura (one-shotted Stella through Empress Dress), at least Town level+ in Ittou Rasetsu (At least 200x stronger than in base) | City level (200 times weaker than Ittou Rasetsu), at least Large Mountain level with Madoka (Could reflect Dragon Spirit Stella's attacks). City level in Ittou Shura (20 times weaker than Ittou Rasetsu). At least Large Mountain level in Ittou Rasetsu (Stated several times that Ittou Rasetsu could have 1 shotted Dragon Spirit Stella)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (1/10th of his Ittou Shura speed), Massively Hypersonic+ in Ittou Shura (Was stated to be just slightly slower than Raikiri), Sub-Relativistic in Ittou Rasetsu (200x faster than in Base) | FTL+ (Significantly faster than Dragon Spirit Stella. Faster than Ouma's strikes who could blitz Dragon Spirit Stella). At least Massively FTL in Ittou Shura (At least ten times faster than in base). Massively FTL+ in Ittou Rasetsu (At least 200 times faster than in base). Seems many times faster than he actually is due to using Edelweiss' Sword Style

Lifting Strength: Likely Class 25 in Base (Comparable to Stella), likely Class K in Ittou Shura (At least 10 times stronger than base), likely Class M in Ittou Rassetsu (At least 200 times stronger than base) | Class M in Base and Ittou Shura (Far stronger than before), likely Class G in Ittou Rasetsu (200 times stronger than in base)

Striking Strength: City Block Class, at least Small Town Class in Ittou Shura, at least Town Class in Ittou Rasetsu | City ClassCity Class in Ittou Shura. At least Large Mountain Class+ in Ittou Rasetsu

Durability: Multi-City Block level, at least Small Town level in Ittou Shura, at least Town level+ in Ittou Rasetsu | City level. City level in Ittou Shura. At least Large Mountain level in Ittou Rasetsu

Stamina: High (Can shrug off broken bones and damaged organs if necessary; he was still able to fight against Toudou Touka despite being sick, poisoned and starved for weeks, has enough mental endurance to stay conscious after having his Device, a physical manifestation of his soul, destroyed)

Range: Extended melee range with Intetsu

Standard Equipment: Intetsu; Ikki's Device, it takes a form of a black katana

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. An expert fighter who, at the age of 16, was said to be "in a level where training cannot get you to." Capable of replicating any style after a few clashes, which include learning the whole history, idea, and principles that lead to such sword style. Was capable of perfecting Stella's sword style in 30 seconds and can use the same concept of "stealing" on people's identity grasping everything there is to know about a person's way of thinking, emotions, movements, and more. He learned to control his body at a cellular level by the age of 16 and has full control over his unconsciousness. It is stated that he could replicate Trackless Step, a technique he cannot even perceive, after it was used on him the first time, and evolved the technique later on. Can mathematically calculate the exact location of the barrels, the trajectory, angle, current location, and speed of dozens of bullets just from hearing the gunshots and could dodge in time without even focusing. Edelweiss stated that his magic control exceeds that of Shizuku Kurogane who could make magic calculation to deconstruct and reconstruct her all of her cells and turn her body into vapor

Weaknesses: Although he has immense stamina, Ittou Shura and Ittou Rasetsu consume all of it more often than not | Same as before | Ittou forms consume a lot of magic and stamina making fighting after those are used limited in terms of time

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Device (デバイス, Debaisu ) are weapons that a Blazer can manifest from their souls. Ikki's device is Intetsu, a black katana type device. The device can be deployed in 2 forms:

  • Illusionary Form or Phantom Form: This form works based on "Wrong Impression," as explained by Sirius, it works similarly to a strong suggestion that works strongly on the mind. Despite a Device not being able to cause damage to an opponent or kill them, attacks that are overwhelming enough can put people in a comatose state, however, if someone has enough willpower or has a will that is not his own, then the Illusionary Form would not affect them.
  • Material Form: This form deals physical damage just like any other material sword would.

The device, due to being a Blazer's soul, if broken, will deal huge mental feedback and in more cases than not, rendering the blazer unconscious. Ikki however due to his high psychological resistance is not as affected by this and can continue fighting even if he's unconscious, such as when Edelweiss broke his sword, not only was he able to stand up again and stand in her way, but fight back, copy her technique and even land a hit on her. However, a device cannot be easily broken, the device cannot be broken by physical damage; it was impossible to even for Wallenstein to break a device, also using his physics manipulation. Someone can only break a device with more magic capacity than the owner of the sword.

Doubling Physical Power: Ikki's ability as a Blazer. He can double his physical abilities. However, this is a power that has been considered useless as other Blazers can enhance their physical abilities up to five to six times using their natural magical power. As such, he gained the title of Worst Knight. Though Ikki was able to use his superhuman body control and willpower to ignore his survival instincts, which resulted in his own Noble Arts, Ittou Shura and later Ittou Rasetsu.

Rakudai ittou shura kurogane ikki

Ittou Shura

  • Ittou Shura is the Noble Art, in which Ikki can amass all his bodies vigor and stamina while ignoring the survival instincts that prevent humans from using their full strength, then multiplies this over 10 times granting him tremendous power, which can be maintained for just one minute and as such, it is referred to as his strongest minute.
    • Ittou Rasetsu is an improvised version of Ittou Shura, in which Ikki had shut down all his five senses along with all his bodies' function such as being able to breathe as well as mustering all the strength that he had within himself for a single second instead of the usual single minute increasing his statistics hundreds of times.

Like all blazers, Ikki has Blazer criterias, classifications of his natural-born talents, indicating his proficiency in certain areas.

Overall Ranking F-Rank

Physical A

Luck F

Offense F

Defense F

Magic Cap F

Magic Ctl E

Befitting its F-Rank, Ikki has shown to have terrible luck. Most things will happen to unfavor him, more often than not giving him the worst possible outcome, as shown when he had to fight Shizuya Kirihara in the first round of the Selection Battles Arc; the World's Strongest Swordsman, Edelweiss during the attack of Akatsuki Academy; the previous Seven Stars Sword King, Yuudai Moroboshi; and against the former fourth rank, Iris Ascarid who was close to the Top in the World.

Furthermore, being a blazer gives him high innate resistance to any attack that is not magical, magic-based, or done with a magical weapon. Due to this, Blazers are considered not only the greatest warriors and soldiers but also impossible to beat unless the opponent is a blazer (there are rare exceptions like Kaito Ayatsuji who could completely overwhelm low-level blazers in terms of sword mastery so he would win).

Desperado: Ikki is a being who has transcended the fate of the world, as such he can ignore limits set to him by fate and control his own fate and the fate of the world around him. This makes him immune to all abilities based on the "causation" system in the series and destroys their "fate." It was stated that beings who have transcended the fate of the world do not have a fate anymore and can do things on their own free will as shown when Kurono Shinguuji could have become a desperado, but refused to do so because that would destroy her future with her husband.

  • Empowerment: It is explained that a Blazers' magic power is determined by birth and wouldn't increase no matter the amount of training, as such those with greater magical power like Stella has a far greater role in the world than those with far weaker magic such as Ikki. Whenever a Blazer reaches the limit of their potential, as shown by Ikki, black chains appear around them, which Edelweiss elaborated as being far as the world would allow them to proceed. However, Desperados are beings who exist outside of fate and, as such, can raise the upper limit of their original magic power, as shown by Ikki, who gained magic power greater than before. Having stepped outside of their original fate, Desperados exists between the boundary of a human and a demon.
  • Fate Manipulation: Since they are beings that have broken the chains of fate, they capable of influencing fate. Desperados can exert an aura that can influence the world around them, letting them kill other Blazers with their will. It's often thought that because of their ability to manipulate fate itself, the only ones who can defeat Desperados are other Desperado. However, Ikki has never demonstrated such power.

Master Swordsmanship: Ikki is a very skilled and versatile master swordsman due to continuous training to make up for his lack of magic power. His skills are self-taught through sheer observation by analyzing all of the techniques of swordmasters like Kaito Ayastuji and challenging dojos in middle school. He could fight on an almost equal level with the most powerful Blazers relying on his swordsmanship. He even received praise from Torajirou Nangou, a Legendary Blazer and God of War who admitted that Ikki was greater than his former rival in swordsmanship. During the Vermillion Empire Arc, Edelweiss admits there wasn't much she could teach him. Ikki was able to defeat Iris Ascarid, the 4th Rank Blazer which earned him the nickname Sword God.

  • Imperial Sword Style is a style of swordsmanship practiced mainly by the Vermillion family. Ikki copied this technique after Stella used it against him in the first battle, and stated it only took him 30 seconds to perfect the sword technique completely.
  • Ayatsuji Itto-ryu (綾辻一刀流, Ayatsuji Single-Blade Style): The Ayatsuji Itto-ryu is swordsmanship taught in the Ayatsuji Dojo by Kaito Ayatsuji, which emphasizes counter-attacks. In the past, Kaito was able to defeat criminal Blazers in his prime despite being a normal human. Though there were people who admired him, he received resentment from other Blazers who viewed practicing martial arts as being unneeded practice due to their superior powers and hated Kaito for being able to defeat Blazers. As such, he never became famous within the World of Magic Knights despite his deeds.
    • Ten'i Muhou: Ten'i Muhou is the secret and final ultimate technique of the Ayatsuji Itto-ryu, it is a sword technique meant to as a counter-attack yet one doesn't use their sword to do so since it would mean that the position of their blade would have to be shifted from the place they desire to attack. The user would need to ward off the attack of their opponent using their bodies without shifting their sword or the place they desire to attack. Ten'i Muhou requires a peerless stance to evade the enemy's attacks by taking the most minimal movements, as well as dispelling everything in the material world while feeling every physical existence around them. Ten'i Muhou is meant to evade an opponent's attacks and hit them with a strong attack of their own. The technique's true power lies in the evading, as a user of the technique can evade almost any attack, no matter the speed and power of those attacks.
  • Mutou Dori (無刀取り, Weaponless Catch): Ikki can use one of the techniques of the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, which uses the power of his fingers and wrist movement to catch the opponents weapon and snatch it away.
  • Seigan no Kamae: A stance which focuses on slowly approaching the enemy while being sturdy. Ikki used this against Moroboshi, who stated that the pressure Ikki was giving was that of a tree planted into the ground. The scope of this stance is to be on the defensive while slowly approaching your enemy. Due to the stance not changing, the enemy will end up unconsciously attacking the same spots and making the same motions resulting in an eventual increase in defense for the user of the stance and eventually approaching for a counter attack or waiting for the opponent to make a mistake in a strike due to the impatience or nervousness of being read.
  • Edelweiss' Swordplay: After his initial encounter with Edelweiss through the use of his Blade Steal, he was able to utilize her swordsmanship at the last moment before he passed out. Due to the nature of Edelweiss' swordplay, it boosted his speed to where the former Seven Star Sword King, Yuudai Moroboshi couldn't even react though he could hear the attacks and sense Ikki. Ikki can also use Edelweiss' technique for purposes other then swordsmanship, such as restarting his own heart after it had stopped. After copying the style Ikki could use the Seven secret swords even without Ittou Shura, furthermore, the style ignores energy reduction from hitting the atmosphere, making the attacks themselves silent due to not hitting air. Due to lacking the need to accelerate he seems many times faster than he actually is, producing blitz like effects even against people superior to him in speed along with also becoming hard to perceive due to having an acceleration that far exceeds anyone's motion perception (lacking acceleration entirely).
  • Tsunoou/Harmonic Bullet: A unison attack between Ikki and Stella, in which he jumps forward and attacks using Saigeki, then Stella sends him forward using a powerful swing sending him forward with much greater strength than normal. It was named Tsunoou by Ikki and Harmonic Bullet by Stella.
  • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu (旭日一心流, lit. Rising Sun Unification Style) is a style of swordsmanship passed down in the Kurogane Household. Due to him being born as an F-Rank, Ikki was never able to join the other children in their training sessions; however, Ikki learned several techniques after watching the training session and seeing his elder brother, Ouma Kurogane who was training by himself even when everyone else left even the teachers left.
    • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu - Karai (旭日一心流 · 火雷, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Fire Thunder): This is a technique, in which the user performs a diagonal slash with one hand, then it is followed by a strong punch using the other one.
    • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu · Jin no Kiwami - Amaterasu (旭日一心流・迅の極・天照, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Highest of Swiftness - Heavenly Shine): A secret technique, where the user utilizes all their muscles to deliver a fast strike at godspeed.
    • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu · Retsu no Kiwami - Amatsukaze (旭日一心流・烈の極・天津風, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Highest of Sequence - Heavenly Crossing Wind): A secret technique taught in the Kurogane Household for several generations, where the user performs a continuous series of one-hundred and eight slashes, which overpower the opponent with strength and speed.
      • Amatsu Raikou (天津雷光, Heavenly Lightning): This is an evolved form of Amatsukaze, a secret technique among the Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu of the Kurogane Household, where he delivers a continuous one-hundred and eight slashes that is almost like lightning striking.
  • The Seven Secret Swords: The Secret Swords are seven sword techniques, which Ikki Kurogane had created to make up for his lack of magic and just focused training in swordsmanship and martial arts. He has revealed a number of these secret swords in battles against other Blazers during the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Selection Matches. At first, a lot of his secret swords relied on using his Ittou Shura and wouldn't have work overwise, however, using Blade Steal to "steal" Edelweiss' Swordsmanship, Ikki became able to utilize his various secret swords without needing to use his limited Noble Art. Although they are single techniques, Ikki has shown to be able to combine techniques.
    • Saigeki (犀撃, Rhinoceros Strike): A charging and anti-material technique, where Ikki uses his arm strength, leg strength, and charging power combined with his superhuman body control; focusing all the vectors of his power at the point of his sword, thus granting the highest offensive power among his secret swords.
    • Rekkou (裂甲, Rend Armor): A point-blank slash, where Ikki uses the body's lower torque to strike his opponent after blocking their attack.
    • Madoka (円, Circle): Ikki receives an attack, taking the power, then he rotates himself around as if making a circle, then sends it back as a counter. Madoka has shown to be a useful technique against more powerful opponents such as Ouma and Stella. In the final match of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, it evolved to the point where Ikki didn't even need to spin anymore instead using his latissimus to transfer the force into his next attacks. Narration stated that to do this, his muscles had to relaxed without end almost like a liquid. This is however dangerous as even a moment of stiffness would result in his muscles exploding from the force.
    • Shinkirou (蜃気狼, Mirage Wolf): Using radical footwork, Ikki creates an afterimage before himself while running to confuse his opponent, then vanish like a mirage after being struck.
    • Kuruizakura (狂い桜, Off-Season Sakura): A sword attack with a delayed effect using slashes with certain force and mechanisms to create wounds that won't open until later on.
    • Dokuga-no-Tachi (毒蛾ノ太刀, Poisonous Moth's Long Sword): All of Ikki's muscles work together to create a shock wave. Due to the human body being mostly made of water it is weak against vibrations, as such if this attack is blocked it will cause a ripple on the inside of the body causing the interior to be disrupted. More often than not causing blood to gush out of their body.
      • Ikki has shown to be able to use Rekkou, which was powered with the effects of Donkuga-no-Taichi to release a counterattack which attacks the internal organs.
    • Raikou (雷光, Lightning): The fastest among his secret sword technique, where Ikki performs a sword swing at such speed that it exceeds ones' dynamic vision making it appear as an invisible slash.
    • Final secret sword, Oikage (追影, Seeking Shadow): Oikage is a technique Ikki had developed after his seven secret sword techniques in the final of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival to defeat Stella, thus making it his final secret sword technique. Oikage is a battoujutsu, which doesn't need a sheath as his Intetsu doesn't have one, instead, Ikki uses his hand in a manner that similar to a sheath and does so after first using his Ittou Rasetsu, afterward unleashes a slash that moves at extreme speeds to the point where his shadow was unable to keep up and is described as being the concept of a slash. Oikage is stated to be the peak that other people have attempted to reach.
  • Block: Ikki has shown to be impeccable in terms of blocking attacks from even more powerful sources like Stella, an attacker so powerful she could turn his bones to ash with sheer strength, by blocking in such a manner that he would not suffer injuries even after taking several attacks from her. Stella stated that one small miscalculation would completely ruin the block, and he would receive the full force of the attack.
    • Energy Dispersion: During the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, Ikki shows a certain type of block where he can make the energy of the attack flow through his entire body without actually damaging it. This proves to be useful as it allows him to invalidate the force of Stella's attacks.
    • Irregular Block: Due to needing to be focused on attacks, Ikki can be left vulnerable to attacks by not being able to bring his sword in time to meet the opponent's attack. With this in mind Ikki learned a way to be always able to block. Irregular Block allows him to block attacks in rather bizarre poses. Be it with the handle or with the tip of the sword. This means that strategies like parrying, blocking, or getting Ikki off balance are incapable of making him unable to block. He did something similar against Ayase Ayatsuji. Even though she released a "rain of sword attacks" on him while he was on his knees, she still was incapable of landing a single hit as Ikki managed to block every attack.

Expert Weapon Specialist: Ikki has shown skills in wielding kodachi, spears, and even archery. Enough that he been able to teach these skills to others. Stella said the reason why Ikki learned so many different fighting styles was to help him better make up for his lack of magic power. Not only is Ikki capable of using most weapons due to his mastery, but he can even apply the same concept to his sword, such as using kodachi techniques on Intetsu by using the blade as a handle to shorten the length and increase the speed.

Master Marksmanship: He has shown incredible skill in throwing projectiles with a great deal of accuracy, often being able to disable an opponent's weapon. In his fight with Manabe, Ikki flicked an eraser that bounced off the ceiling and was wedged in between his gun's hammer and its percussion cap, disabling the large-caliber revolver Device efficiently. He was able to kick a small object on the ground with such fantastic precision letting Ikki use a tube of lipstick to knock a knife out of man's hand and kicked a little rock into the sheath of Narukami; thus it prevented Touka from using Raikiri.

Master Hand-to-hand Combat: Ikki is very adept in various styles of martial arts to make up for his lack of magic power. He was able to deal with five Blazers wielding their Devices without using his own while holding back enough not to injure them. Ikki has also shown to be skilled in Ukemi, a martial art, which focuses on receiving blows and strikes, then dispersing the force through his body, and surviving deadly blows.

  • Trackless Step (抜き足 Nukiashi): Created by the legendary God of War, Torajirou Nangou, Trackless Step is a part of an ancient Japanese martial art, which the user combines both their breath control and footwork to split into their opponent's unconsciousness due to the brain being unable to process all of the little details that a person sees or hear without overworking itself and/or burning out. As such, the Trackless Step doesn't accelerate a person's movements, but it instead makes their actions challenging to perceive even though they're able to see them, their brain doesn't recognize it as relevant information. It appears as if they had just zoned out for a moment. Weaker users of Trackless Step have shown the ability to use Trackless Step to enter people's blind spots, Ikki used this to get into the blind spots of an entire army simultaneously.
    • Later, Ikki has shown to use the same concept to pass by a crowd of civilians completely undetected.
    • Ikki is also able to invalidate this technique because he can shift his attention to his unconsciousness, however not only was this stated to be impossible for non martial artists especially ones who are not familiar with the technique, but it is also said to be notably hard to pull off in the middle of combat especially when you do not expect it.

High Intellect: Ikki has proven to be highly knowledgeable and quick to pick up on a lot of details amid battle. He has shown to know a lot about the workings and strong points of the human body and brain, which let him fix the stance of Ayase so that she could correctly use her feminine build, thus improving her own Ayatsuji Itto-ryu to a better extent. Ikki has shown to be able to understand the details about ones' fighting styles, abilities, and strength after seeing or fighting them. This is highlighted as he was able to figure out the Marginal Counter of Kuraudo, which combined his inborn superhuman reflex and reaction. Ikki was able to figure out the workings of Trackless Step. He can figure out even the most mysterious of Blazer abilities after just seeing them once using whatever hints he has, even the rare causation manipulation. In battles, Ikki usually tries to outsmart his opponents because he understands he always at a natural disadvantage. A prime example of Ikki's cunning was how he was able to defeat Iris Ascarid; the 4th Ranked Blazer in the KOK League, without being in danger.

Enhanced Senses: Due to rigorous training Ikki has developed heightened senses to the point where it is believed to be one of its strongest points. Even a once in 30 year genius such as Stella Vermillon, who has trained all her life similarly to Ikki, could not even come close to learning the same level of control over her senses and stated that if she could reach that point, Ittou Shura would be a joke to her. Out of the enhanced senses Ikki has shown to have:

  • Enhanced Awareness: Ikki has a complete awareness of everything within the range of his sword. As stated by Shizuku, it doesn't matter what kind of attack, be it perceivable or unperceivable, if it gets into Ikki's sword range Ikki's 6th sense will be able to pick it up. His awareness is stated to be close range during the selection battles arc and eventually grows to have complete awareness over the entire arena with 0 blind spots.
    • Enhanced Sixth: Ikki has the "Samurai's sixth sense" which gives him knowledge of everything within the range of his sword, such as him being able to know where, from which direction, at what angle, and at what time Renren would attack him, despite him stating she was too fast for him, with her speed exceeding human motion perception.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Ikki has an extreme sense of hearing making him capable of not only hearing things such as perfectly hearing everything about his body like his blood flow, but he also has an acute hearing capable of calculating the exact location where something happened just by hearing the sound it made, could notice the sound air makes and use it to deduce the angle and speed of the attack, and could calculate the location, speed, angle of every bullet along with the time they were going to reach him using just the sound the barrels made when they were shot. He can also use his hearing to notice voids in sound to know where people who use stealth or invisibility abilities are located.
  • Enhanced Sight: In the middle of his intense fight against Stella, Ikki was capable of seeing and focusing on every strand of Stella's hair move.
    • Microvision: Ikki is capable of seeing movements in the muscles of people and knowing where the attack will come from based on just that. This can somehow work even against clothed opponents, seemingly giving him a limited form of X-Ray Vision.
    • FTL Vision: His vision is better than Stella's who could see Ikki mid Oikage and notice that he was so fast his shadow could not keep up.
  • Enhanced Smell
  • Enhanced Touch: Ikki skin is extraordinarily sensitive to the point where he could feel the movement of air to see and predict attacks and even feel every grain of dust hitting his skin in his battle against Stella.
  • Magical Perception: Due to being a blazer, he can sense the presence of magical energy be it in the area or in attacks to deduce whether an attack is using magical energy or not.
  • Strength and Capability Detection: Due to having such a honed sense in fighting, Ikki can realize many things about his opponent from his strength and overall capability to whether he is a sword fighter or not and more. He did so to Kuraudo, Ikki realized he was an opponent he could not take down without deploying Intetsu just from talking with him.
  • Danger Sense: Ikki has a rather profound sense of danger. Almost similar to precognition, Ikki can seemingly feel when his attack is not going to work or when an enemy attack will kill him, allowing him to avoid it accordingly. He did so against Edelweiss after going for an attack, he immediately jumped backward out of instinct and later realized that if he hadn't done so Edelweiss' invisible attack would have decapitated him. Similarly he sensed the same against Kuraudo, as soon as he saw the blade disappear he sensed danger and ducked out of instinct even though he had no idea what had happened or where the attack would come from and quick enough to dodge the attack even though Kuraudo had a combat and reaction speed over 24 times Ikki's combat and reaction speed.
  • Visualization: While not technically a sense, Ikki can visualize things so clearly it was stated that he could willingly visualize Stella's father being in front of him, and such visualization in Ikki's case would even have a blood flow of his own.
  • Magic Sense- Being a blazer Ikki can sense magic.

Insight: As a result of being neglected over the years, Ikki has mastered the skills to see through his opponent's techniques by observation. He can read his opponent's next move directly through their muscle movement. Ikki's insight has even allowed him to accurately sense how dangerous someone is on the first meeting, such as being able to tell that Amane Shinomiya was more dangerous than he appeared, something few others notice.

  • Blade Steal (模倣剣技, lit. Imitation Sword Techniques): Blade Steal is a technique that Ikki Kurogane had created, which lets him "steal" someone else's swordsmanship due to no one wanting to teach him anything. He can use his incredible insight to trace the roots of any style he sees, thus letting him grasp a style technique despite not seeing it performed in front of him, as shown when he was able to use Ten'i Muhou through helping Ayase Ayatsuji improve her swordsmanship. Through the use of his Blade Steal, he can grasp ones' sword style in a rather short amount of time (stated he could completely understand everything about a sword style, including all secret techniques which he may have never seen in one minute) as well as find their flaws, then Ikki can perfect them creating a superior version. The perfection takes a considerably shorter amount of time; he stated it took him only 30 seconds to complete Stella's Imperial Sword Style.
    • Perfect Vision (完全掌握, Perfect Grasp): The improved version of Blade Steal, Ikki can see through his opponent moves by fully grasping their fighting style using his incredible insight to understand their personality and tendencies. Through this, it is possible to figure out their thought processes, and as a result, Ikki can predict their moves and attacks in advance. It's as though he can see everything about the person in question. The idea behind this is instead of stealing the sword style, he "steals" the identity of someone, learning everything about them. The real horror of Perfect Vision is shown during its first use against Kirihara, where Ikki states that no matter what, Perfect Vision cannot be fooled. If Ikki uses Perfect Vision, even trying to act out of character, use moves you've never done before, lie even if it's not something you would do etc., it still will not break Perfect Vision, because as Ikki states "Everything you do, including acting out of character or introducing new moves, stems from identity", as such it is impossible to break out of Perfect Vision.

Complete Body Control: Ikki can control his body at will as a result of his training and can perform various superhuman feats, such as being able to turn off his other senses, as shown when he transferred the acuity of his color sense to his motion perception to better read the movements of his opponent. As well as being the basis for all his Secret Swords, Ittou Shura, and Ittou Rasetsu. Having learned Edelweiss' Swordplay, his control has been honed to the point of being able to make his heartbeat after being stopped by Nameless Glory. However, it still requires him to move all of his bodies' muscles in unison as well as being able to raise his metabolism, blood circulation if he desires to utilize it. Ikki could use his body control to fix his neurotransmitters after Touka had used electricity to manipulate them or use it to always use 100% of his full-body strength.

  • Pseudo Ittou Shura: Ikki has shown to be able to activate a form of Ittou Shura however without the 1-minute limit. He does this without using magic. Rather just doing the same process as Ittou Shura, removing colors from his sight and cutting out unnecessary information, doing this while he does not increase his movement speed he increases his combat speed likely as much as his normal Ittou Shura does consider it was worded the same way and was said to make everything around Ikki move at slow motion. Ikki can likely do the same to amplify his movement speed too without using magic but probably refuses to do so as the effects would not be as significant as when using magic while the stamina cost would be similar.

Magic Control: Ikki has enough control over his magic to be able to consciously use mana emission, a technique that can accelerate a person's movements, which all Blazers can use unconsciously. As a result of his low magic, he doesn't use it, though if he does choose to use it, then he can do so twice before running out of magic. After his training with Edelweiss, Ikki greatly improved his magic control, letting him utilize the same mana defense as other Blazers to such a degree that he could block a strike from Edelweiss and improved his usage of Ittou Shura. Having better control of his magic has allowed Ikki to better use Ittou Rasetsu, through pouring power into the needed parts instead of his whole body and pouring the excess power, which would've damaged him into Intetsu letting him continue fighting without the usual backlash.

Feats See here for a list of feats.

Key: Selection Battles Arc | Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc


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