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The Ico Universe is a rather mysterious world, considering the lack of dialogue in any of the game and lack of many characters who can actually speak. This usually leads to fans speculating on why the characters do what they do and what lives they lived.

The Verse seems to have some type of principles based on magic as well such as the Colossi or Shadow creatures that inhabit this here are also other creatures such as Trico from the Last Guardian and children with Horns, such as Ico.

Overall, the serie's games are majestic and amazing to play due to their unique gameplay and art style.

The Games in this Trilogy Include:

  1. Ico
  2. Shadow of the Colossus
  3. The Last Guardian

Powers of the Verse

The verse is rather weak compared to many others in this wiki. Most of the few humans in this verse exceed superhuman level and most of the more powerful beings are the Colossi (due to being giant rock monsters) or Trico.

There are also shadow creatures that can be beaten down by a kid with a stick and a horse that can dodge lightning bolts that are shot straight towards it.





Ico (The Game)


Shadow Creatures

The Shadow Queen

Shadow of the Colossus

The Last Guardian

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