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Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō (Japanese: いちばんうしろの大魔王?, "The Great Demon King in the Back Row"), also known as Demon King Daimao, is a Japanese light novel series written by Shotaro Mizuki and illustrated by Souichi Itō, published by Hobby Japan under their HJ Bunko imprint. The first volume was published on February 1, 2008, and was completed with a total of 13 volumes available on March 29, 2014. A manga adaptation began monthly serialization in the September 2008 issue of Akita Shoten's magazine Champion Red, and a 12-episode anime adaptation by Artland aired between April and June 2010 on Tokyo MX and other channels.


This story of "love, magic, and battles" revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aims to become part of his country's highest order of magicians and contribute to society as one of its clergy. On the day he is admitted into the Constant Magical Academy, his aptitude test predicts the following: "Future Occupation: Demon King." Thus begins his severe school life in which he is resented by his studious female class head, desired by a girl with mysterious powers, and guarded by a beautiful female android.

Power of the Verse

The verse has a large gap between the weak and the strong characters.

The top tiers toward the end, Sai Akuto and Brave, have powers within the Outerverse level to High Outerverse level range, with the Law of Identity being High Outerverse level. There are also extra Gods of varying power, from Universe level upwards.

The rest of the characters have low amounts of power, with the demon kings, Brave and some users of the formless power being still far above everyone else. Through that most of the verse are Tiers 9 to 7.

As a whole however, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou stands among the most powerful series in known fiction.

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