Summary of the Plot

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi revolves around the titular protagonist Kenichi Shirahama. After a lifetime of being bullied and degraded, Kenichi decides to learn how to stick up for himself when he meets a girl named Miu Furinji, granddaughter of superhuman martial arts master Hayato. Once enrolled into her dojo, Ryōzanpaku, he experiences hell-like training at the hands of its 6 masters in order to learn each of their styles of martial arts.

Upon learning of his newfound fighting prowess, a gang of bullies named Rangnarok attempt to recruit him or take him down. After disbanding them, Kenichi and his friends are targeted by the rival dojo Yami. Unlike Ryōzanpaku who believe all lives are worthy and must be spared in battle (Satsujin-Ken), Yami subscribe to the philosophy that Martial Arts are inherently a tool used for killing, and while not obliged to murder, it is far from wrong to do so (Katsujin-Ken) Ryōzanpaku eventually tries to combat the school in order to stop their leaders' goal of spreading warfare and chaos around the world.

Power of the Verse

While relatively weak compared to many other animes and mangas, Kenichi is a pretty powerful verse in it's own right. With some of their masters being able to casually toss cars, make entire buildings collapse and fight at several times the speed of sound.

The series God tiers, however, hold considerably higher power. Casually reaching Multi-City Block levels and mach speeds in the dozens.

Characters notably possess a lot more martial arts/fighting skill than most other series. Along with interesting abilities like walking on water, redirecting attacks, using their aura offensively, allowing them to defeat people with their mere presence, cause people to get amnesia and more.

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