...Yet, come, friend, quickly take the red-dyed reins of the swift horses and raise high courage in your heart and guide the swift chariot and strong fleet-footed horses straight on. Have no secret fear at the noise of man-slaying Ares who now rages shouting about the holy grove of Phoebus Apollo, the lord who shoots from afar. Surely, strong though he be, he shall have enough of war.
~ Heracles to Iolaus, The Shield of Heracles


Heracles, also known as Hercules in Roman Mythology is a classical hero character found in Greek and Roman Myths. His more popular tales involve the hero being enchanted into madness by Hera and killing his family, whereupon he undertook a series of tasks from Eurystheus, who became king in Heracles's place in order to purify his sin. This included killing/capturing mythical beasts such as the Nemean Lion, Hydra, and Cerberus, as well as other tasks such as stealing the Golden Apple and cleaning the Augean stables.

After completing all labors and then some, he would go on to perform various other deeds in his life such as partaking in an adventure with the Argonauts, eventually dying and becoming one amongst the Greek/Roman Pantheon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-CHigh 3-A

Name: Heracles, Hercules

Origin: Greek/Roman Mythology

Gender: Male

Age: Late 30´s at the time of death

Classification: Demigod, Hero | Greek God, Olympian God of Strength

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Weapon Mastery, Invulnerability with the Nemean Lion´s pelt, Resistance to Death Manipulation (Fought off Thanatos, the personification of death) | Same as before but on a stronger level plus Immortality (Types 1 and 5), Flight, Teleportation, Matter Manipulation, Reality Warping, Resistance to Soul Manipulation (The mortal part of his soul resides in the underworld)

Attack Potency: Island level (Made the Strait of Gibraltar, Killed most of the Gegeines, the six-armed giants), His poisoned arrows allow him to kill people with higher durability (Hydra poison inflicts so much agony that it led an immortal like Chiron to forsake his immortality to be rid of it) | High Universe level (Powerscaling from other Olympians)

Speed: Subsonic movement (Outran a bull. Managed to keep up with a fawn. Caught the golden hind which is said to be faster than an arrow) with likely Massively Hypersonic reactions (Managed to react to Apollo who can fly fast enough to travel from Greece to another continent in a few minutes. He also managed to hit the sun with an arrow, when the Earth moves at Mach 86 ) | At least Relativistic

Lifting Strength: At least Class E (Held up the bronze sky-dome Uranus in Atlas' place.) | Unknown

Striking Strength: Island Class (Made the Strait of Gibraltar) | High Universal

Durability: Island level (Made the Strait of Gibraltar, Survived arm wrestling with his father who is as strong as him), he is impossible to damage via normal means due to the Nemean Lion´s armor | High Universe level

Stamina: High | Godly

Range: At least several meters with arrows | Possibly universal

Standard Equipment: The Nemean Lion´s armor, a club, poisoned arrows, swords, and torches

Intelligence: An incredibly accomplished warrior and hunter with decades of experience | A god with thousands of years of experience

Weaknesses: Susceptible to mental influence as he was driven insane by Hera once. Can be asphyxiated to death. His arrows can be used against him. Heracles is often conquered by his own desire.

Key: Mortal Hero | Ascended to Godhood


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