Summary of the verse

Hellsing is a manga series written by Kota Hirano. It also has an OVA anime series based on the manga, as well as a non canon anime spinoff. It revolves around the ultimate vampire, Alucard, the monster-hunting organization he belongs to, Hellsing, and their war against a scheming Nazi major and his vampiric followers.

Power of the verse

Hellsing has several powerhouses, in particular Alucard himself. Alucard possesses a regeneration that can bring him back after being reduced to a puddle of blood. His physical abilities are powerful, such as his regeneration allows him to fight evenly with enemies far more powerful than himself. The verse's other powerhouses, such as the Captain, Tubalcain Alhambra, and Alexander Anderson are Small Building level.

Supporters/Opponents of the Verse



Yomi Schwarz




Hellsing Organization


Iscariot organization

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