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Dio Brando
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Unbelievable... Never for a moment did I think you'd be able to intervene in my reality... But by its very nature, there can only ever be one reality... and the reality that I, DIO, create... is more than enough!
~ DIO to Jotaro


Heaven Ascension DIO is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. In an alternate timeline outside of the canon series, DIO is successful in killing the Joestars. He then proceeds with his plan of achieving Heaven and unlocks godly powers with his new Stand: The World Over Heaven. With his new abilities, he begins to create anomalies all over previous and future timelines, both from his own universe and from other universes. His plan is to conquer the Joestars over every possible universe and create a truly ideal world of his own.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 8-C. At least High 8-C, likely far higher with The World Over Heaven, 4-A with Reality Overwrite | At least High 8-C. At least High 8-C, likely far higher with The World Over Heaven. At least 4-A, possibly 3-A to Low 2-C with Reality Overwrite

Name: Heaven Ascension DIO, "DIO, Gone To Heaven", Heavenly DIO

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Vampire, Stand User, The Noble One (By his followers)

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Has all of the abilities from his canon counterpart, Can cast Lightning Bolts, Teleportation, Immortality (Types 1, 2 & 3), Enhanced Regeneration (High-Mid [should be the same as his canon counterpart]. Can heal any injuries instantly with TWOH, albeit this has to be done manually by hand), Time Stop (Can stop time via The World Over Heaven), Corruption (Type 1), Power Bestowal (Grants the ability to travel through Parallel Universes and through Time to anyone he corrupts), Time Travel, Soul Manipulation (Can steal souls and make them his slaves as well as absorb them to further increase his power), Reality Overwrite, Existence Erasure, Power Nullification (Allows Heaven DIO to turn whatever he wishes into reality, being able to use it to overwrite/warp people and things out of existence in any dimension by touching them, as well as nullifying attacks, like GER and Tusk Act 4. A Valentine after he obtained Love Train said that he would have not been able to stop him even if he had had the full Holy Corpse), Can resurrect the dead, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Created the Over Heaven Area), Dimensional Travel (Can arrive at any reality he wishes), Biological Manipulation (Shown here), BFR (Through Teleportation and Time Travel), Technology Manipulation (Shown here), Creation (He created the Over Heaven Area), Summoning (Can summon some sort of Purple Aura to attack his enemies. Able to summons his minions, like Enya the Hag). The Corpse Parts (even if he misses one of them) give to him these abilities: Clairvoyance (as shown here), Telepathy, Spatial Manipulation (Warped space), Resistance to Transmutation, Disease Manipulation and Mind Manipulation (The Holy Corpse allows the holders to resist Scary Monsters and similar abilities)

Same powers as before, alongside with the powers and resistances of the Complete Holy Corpse (As Dio absorbed it, he should be able to use its powers as his), Weapon Creation & Homing Attack (Shown here), Corruption (Type 2), Air Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement with Tornado (Can use a tornado that blinds the opponent for 11 seconds if it hits them), Telekinesis (Can levitate), enhanced Reality Overwrite, Existence Erasure, and Power Nullification (His Reality Overwrite is superior to before and can overwrite things without touching them) and possibly Fate Manipulation (Scaling from Jotaro's Reality-Warping powers)

Attack Potency: At least Large Building level (Should be far superior to his canon self). At least Large Building level+, likely far higher with The World Over Heaven (Defeated Gold Experience Requiem), Multi-Solar System level with Reality Overwrite (Created the Over Heaven Area, a dimension with multiple stars in it [1.688e63 joules]) | At least Large Building level. At least Large Building level+, likely far higher with The World Over Heaven. At least Multi-Solar System level, possibly Universe level to Universe level+ with Reality Overwrite (His Reality Overwrite is far superior to before. With the power gained from absorbing the souls and the Complete Holy Corpse was about to conquer and overwrite the reality of the main world as also implied from Enrico Pucci and DIO himself various times. World here means universe in context)

Speed: At least Massively FTL (Superior to his canon self). At least Massively FTL with The World Over Heaven (Comparable to Gold Experience Requiem and Star Platinum [See note below])

Lifting Strength: At least Class K, possibly Class M. At least Class K, possibly Class M with The World Over Heaven

Striking Strength: At least Large Building Class physically (Would have instantly killed Jotaro by himself had he not pulled the golden bracelets up at the last second). At least Large Building Class+, likely far higher with The World Over Heaven

Durability: At least Large Building level (Survived a direct punch from Star Platinum to the head, although he had to heal from it afterwards); Regeneration and Immortality makes him difficult to kill (The main timeline DIO's bracelets were used to cause a paradox on Heaven DIO's arms, but they were still healing afterwards). At least Large Building level+, likely far higher with The World Over Heaven

Stamina: Vastly Superhuman

Range: Standard melee range physically, 10 meters with The World Over Heaven (The farther away it gets from DIO the weaker it gets), Tens of meters when casting thunderbolts, Multiversal+ with Teleportation, Summoning, Soul Manipulation and Absorption, BFR and Reality Overwrite (Can erase a target from any dimension by touching them and overwriting them and arrive at any reality he wishes when there are an infinite amount of them)

Standard Equipment: The World Over Heaven

  • Occasional Equipment: The Corpse Parts

Intelligence: Very High

Weaknesses: He is not immune to paradoxical damage. Heaven DIO's powers come from his hands and fists; Should they get wounded or injured in any way, DIO will not be able to overwrite reality until they heal. His Reality Overwrite works only on the objects The World Over Heaven physically touches. | As before, but he doesn't need to physically touch targets

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • The World Over Heaven (TWOH): The World Over Heaven is a Stand that heavily resembles the original The World's design, but is now accompanied in white-and-gold colors to signify its new form. It still attacks with physical strikes and activates its ability by contact.
    • Reality Overwrite: DIO can overwrite any instance of reality by contact from either him or TWOH. With it, he can manipulate and change whatever he likes with said object. However, after absorbing the souls and the Complete Holy Corpse, he can overwrite his targets without the need of touching them.
    • Time Stop: DIO in this form retains the ability to stop time itself from his canon counterpart. Although the duration of his Time Stop should be superior to his Part 3 counterpart, it's unknown how much time it fully lasts in this form.

Key: Pre-Absorption | Post-Absorption

Note: Although DIO countered Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero, it's not clear if he nullified it before its activation, in the moment it was activated, or after it, and other characters and Stands could react to and match The World Over Heaven's speed, with Star Platinum even landing a blow at DIO before he could defend himself.


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Notable Losses:

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