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Medic healing Scout.


Ability to relieve or eliminate the symptoms and effects of any disease, pathological condition, violation of life, to normalize the disturbed vital processes, which ultimately leads to recovery and restoration of health. This ability can be used both on oneself and on others (as opposed to regeneration).


  • Accelerating recovery - Accelerates the natural rate of recovery of the body, allowing it to heal from even serious damage for a short time (only what would heal without external intervention in the first place). Also allows user to rid the body from impact of non-fatal poisons or diseases.
  • Healing easy injuries - Allows user to quickly heal a wound which is not very serious, and recovery often takes place almost instantaneously, which is quite useful in combat.
  • Healing medium and heavy injuries - Allows user to completely or almost completely heal serious injuries, from which the body can not recover on its own for a long time (months or years). This type might also include partial regeneration of organs and body parts.
  • Healing fatal injury - Allows user to heal wounds which are fatal to an average person. Very advanced healers can heal such wounds very quickly, and in some cases, completely regenerate organs and other body parts.