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Hax is a catch-all term for abilities that can be used to ignore/bypass one or more of a target's statistics, rendering them irrelevant.

The most common hax are the ones that ignore durability, and their scale/potency are unrelated to their users' AP & Tier, however, they can be measured with their effectiveness against their targets' Durability. This is because, depending of the hax, the statistics bypassed may actually counter it if they have a higher enough scale. This, however, is not the case with certain hax, examples include Reality Warping, Probability Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, and other abilities that simply & logically cannot be countered by high statistics.

Having resistances to certain hax can help characters/things to withstand them, but only if the specific resistances are around the same scale as the hax being used against them, or better. 

Higher-Dimensional characters/structures are automatically immune to 3-Dimensional (or lower) hax, as they literally are infinitely more complex than them. The same logically happens to higher-dimensional hax in relation to even higher higher-dimensional characters/structures. Resistances also apply to higher-dimensional characters/structures, this needs to be hax of their same (or higher) dimensionality, and anything lower is not allowed to be added (due to being both inaccurate and misleading, making others think that the characters/structures can resist hax of their same dimensionality).

Note: When a profile's Powers & Abilities indicates something on the lines of "As before but to a greater scale" this doesn't necessarily mean that their hax has a higher scale/potency, but rather, that the characters/things have become more powerful and/or proficient with their abilities. In this cases, the scale of their hax would only become better if specifically indicated in their Powers & Abilities, Notable Attacks & Techniques, or elsewhere.

Note 2: When judging the potency of hax-based abilities such as Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation, and the resistance against them, there is a variety of factors to be potentially considered. Such as the mechanisms involved, how many people the power can affect, whether it has demonstrated to break through resistances, how great the effects are, etc.

These factors need to be examined with the mechanism in mind, to determine if they actually demonstrate potency. For example, for a mind-controlling gas simply affecting more people with it, by using lots of the gas, would not indicate an increase in potency of the gas as simply more of it was used. The effect couldn't be accumulated to be as strong on a single target as it is on all affected individuals summed up.

Whether a power can overcome a resistance against it based on certain feats has to be determined by comparing the various factors at play. For example, a resistance can be overcome by Mind Manipulation with higher potency in any factor, if the resistance is equal, less or unknown in all other factors. When it comes to resistance that is above the Mind Manipulation in some factors, while the Mind Manipulation that is superior in other factors, one has to see on a case-by-case basis whether a convincing argument can be put forth. Otherwise, such a situation will have an inconclusive result.

How the mechanism of the power (Such as the before-mentioned Mind Manipulation) interacts with the mechanism of the resistance is, of course, also relevant.


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