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Happy Wheels is an online game where several characters try and make it through dozens of courses that are tricky, fast pace, and often extremely dangerous.

Power of the Verse

The Happy wheels verse is fairly powerful physically. Capable of surviving wall level falls and explosions, being shot out of or by a canon, and can injure and kill each other. They don't have a lot of hacks, but all capable of surviving without several limbs like their arms and legs, and some possess the ability of flight through magical or mechanical means.






  • Jim
  • Steven Douglas
  • Charles (Happy Wheels)
  • Janet (Happy Wheels)
  • Moped Couple (Happy Wheels)
  • Denis (Happy Wheels)
  • Explorer Guy (Happy Wheels)
  • Santa Claus (Happy Wheels)
  • Irresponsible Mom (Happy Wheels)
  • Pogo Stick Guy (Happy Wheels)
  • Helicopter Man

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