Several variants of the HAVOK nuclear device have been developed for use in different tactical situations, from ordnance deployed by ground forces to missile-based delivery systems.

The featured one here is the Mark 2556 Medium Fusion Destructive Device which is an excavation-grade variant of the weapon that is presumably less powerful, but can still be used in a missile and to destroy ships and other targets.

Powers ans Stats

Tier: 7-B

Name: HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapon

Origin: Halo


Classification: Nuclear orbital bomb that yields 30 megatons

Wielders: UNSC

Attack Potency: City level (Has a 30 Megaton yield)

Speed: None, freefalling speed

Durability: Unknown

Range: At least 8.4 kilometres (Using the Nuclear Explosions Calculator, the bomb should have an explosive of 8.4 kilometers at minimum)

Weaknesses: Unknown

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