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Berserk 41 012.png
I've been fighting in battles for as long as I can remember. The mercenary leader who raised me taught me nothing except how to wield a sword. I've never had anything, except my sword. I don't want to die, for me that is the only reason I keep fighting. There is nothing to save myself for or give myself to. I fight because I know nothing else. Once I was willing to do just that, to commit myself to fighting, and let anyone else fight a reason for me.
~ Guts to Casca, discussing about dreams

It's true what you say. Humans are weak, and we die easily. But no matter how weak we are, no matter how much we're tortured or trampled upon, no matter how much pain we feel, we still want to live.
~ Guts to The Count

Berserk 95 029.pngwr.png
There's no paradise... for you to escape to. What you'll find... What's there... Is just... A battlefield.
~ Guts to Jill, testing her willpower

Dop GqVW4AAMoK2.png
DON'T PRAY! If you pray, your hands will close together. You won't be able to fight!
~ Guts to Farnese

Even if we painstakingly piece together something lost, I guess... it doesn't mean it will be back to normal...
~ Guts after explaining to Schierke why he has a metal arm

315-3154360 scary-mine-edit-horror-manga-mangacaps-demon-armor.png
What's happening with this armor? The moment I donned it, the pain of my wounds vanished like it was an illusion. No. It simply doesn't bother me. Pain just doesn't matter anymore.
~ Guts' first thoughts after putting on the Berserker Armor

Guts Berserker Armor Controlled.png
Don't worry. I'm thinking straight. At least straight enough to know who not to bite.
~ Guts to Schierke


Guts also known as "The Black Swordsman", "The One Hundred-Man Slayer" and "The Struggler" was the former raid unit leader of a mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawk and is the main protagonist of Berserk.

As a newborn, Guts was taken into a mercenary bandit group after being noticed by them passing by, laying under corpse of a hanged woman, where he endured plenty of battles along with extreme mental and physical abuse. Later as a teen he joined Band of the Hawk to serve under Griffith as his comrade to find a purpose in his life by fighting for his dream, however, he has left after becoming dissatisfied with his dream and started to follow his own. After several tragic events in his life caused by Griffith (most notably the Eclipse, where he sacrificed the entirety of Band of the Hawk), immeasurable rage and hatred has awakened inside Guts and led him into an obsession of vengeance. Though after he realizes that his lover, Casca, is more important to him than his quest for revenge, he continues his adventure with her and his new comrades where he's struggling against the predestined flow of causality and gradually finds a new place that he belongs to, all over again.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | 9-A, higher with Dragon Slayer and Hand Cannon | 8-A, higher with Berserker Armor

Name: Guts, "The Black Swordsman", "Struggler", "Hundred-Man Slayer", Commander of The Hawk's Raiders

Origin: Berserk

Gender: Male

Age: 15-18 | 19 | 21-24 | 24

Classification: Human, Berserker, Captain (Formerly), Knight (Formerly), Branded Individual

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Swordsman (Guts has carved his own effective sword style that mainly utilizes greatswords), Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Enhanced Senses (Defended himself and several others from a professional assassin sniping them in near-total darkness, fights unimpeded despite lacking an eye post-Eclipse, could keep up with Rosine while being deafened by her sonic booms), Acrobatics (As seen here and here), Supernatural Willpower (As "the Struggler", Guts' persistence and willpower is unimaginably powerful, which allows him to act through pure rage and hatred alone not caring about any wounds, which is essentially his refusal of death), Analytical Prediction (Correctly predicted in his first fight with Nosferatu Zodd that focusing his attacks on Zodd's sword to break it was his strongest bet at survival. As the Black Swordsman, would go on to fight several duels with Serpico, one of the best fencers in the setting, and see through his tactics and predict his moves each time, even when he had territorial advantage), Stealth Mastery (Sneaked to Julius' house without beings noticed by guards), Immense Pain Tolerance, Minor Multiple Selves (Type 1; his inner darkness manifests as a large, black wolf), Limited Air Manipulation (By swinging his sword broad-side first, he can alter the air pressure in its trajectory to create gusts powerful enough to knock away Silat's whip swords), Passive Probability Manipulation (Due to the circumstances of his birth, he has the supernatural ability to evade certain death), Possibly Regeneration (Low. Likely not combat-applicable. After his and Griffith's first fight with Nosferatu Zodd, Guts healed from his injuries significantly faster than Griffith, despite being the more wounded of the two), Resistance to Empathic Manipulation (Is not under the influence of Femto's supernatural aura that can induce fear and obedience, and could attack him even while on the brink of death), Limited Resistance to Causality Manipulation and Fate Manipulation (Skull Knight states that due to Guts inhabiting the Interstice he exists "outside the logic of the physical world". This compounded with his pre-existing Probability Manipulation allows him to defy the flow of causality established by the God Hand and the Idea of Evil to a small extent, being able to survive even in situations where he is preordained to die, such as when he was sacrificed by Femto)

All previous abilities, Non-Physical Interaction (Can attack ghosts and beings on the astral plane with the Dragon Slayer, can even interact with Abstract Beings such as Slan), Soul Manipulation (Can damage the soul) and Limited Regeneration Negation (Severe wounds caused on the Astral Plane/dealt to the soul do not heal properly, reopening even after being healed, magically or otherwise) with the Dragon Slayer, Minor Cyborgization (Has a detachable steel arm that has many functions, like a cannon arm that can create explosions and a repeating crossbow)

All previous abilities, Pressure Points (Easily knocked out Farnese by lightly hitting her in the back of the neck, leaving her basically unharmed), Self-Healing with Elf Dust (Up to Low-Mid; Due to his elf companion Puck stowing away inside his travel bags, he has a supply of Elf Dust that he can use to heal wounds, such as from extreme torture and having his neck pierced by the mandibles of a man-sized praying mantis), Minor Explosion Manipulation (Via miniature bombs), Resistance to Possession (Was able to expel multiple spirits attempting to possess him), Heat/Fire and Electricity (He has repeatedly tanked building and forest fires and other high-heat hazards and attacks. Withstood lightning from Ganishka, who even prior to becoming Shiva is the most powerful Apostle seen to date), Limited Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Survived Rosine's poison) and Soul Manipulation (Has ignored severe wounds on his astral body)

All previous abilities, Permanent Berserk Mode, Limited Immortality (Type 2. He can take far more punishment than before, but will still die from total blood loss, destruction or stoppage of the heart, and/or a cease to critical brain functions. The armour essentially "holds him together"), Enhanced Acrobatics (Enhanced Condition, Hypermobility, All-Terrain Mobility. Can leap large distances even with his sword, and is not affected by high falls. Can do powerful flip attacks. Is also this swift, and could use air pressure to break a fall and depreciate damage, which was compared to Serpico's wind magic flight), Statistics Amplification (Drastically improves the physical strength of user), Night Vision (Can see clearly in the dark), Resistance to Fear Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Incapable of feeling fear, and can resist attempts by even high-level magic practitioners like Schierke to snap him out of his Berserker state), and Telepathy (His bloodlust was so intense that Schierke couldn't use her thought transference on him), Immunity to Pain Manipulation (Incapable of feeling pain in this armor)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Can easily cut through steel armour and weapons. Was able to shatter Samson's mace and cut through his helmet. Easily defeated Bazuso, who could kill a bear in single combat) | Small Building level (Can physically contend with Wyald's Human Form, only being overpowered when he transformed into an Apostle, and even afterwards was able to pierce him with weapons and choke him out), higher with Dragon Slayer and Hand Cannon (Stomped an Apostle he had been fighting evenly against with a normal greatsword) | Multi-City Block level (Able to fight Mozgus' Apostle Form, being able to wear down his armored skin with enough strikes and eventually fatally wound him, with Mozgus being this powerful while in his Human Form. Fought evenly with Nosferatu Zodd's Human Form and pushed him to transform), higher with Berserker Armor (Incomparably stronger than his Base Form. Put up a very good fight against Grunbeld's Apostle Form, and initially dominated him. Can deal himself serious injury, such as severely fracturing his arm)

Speed: Subsonic (Was able to run across a room and cut down two men before they could do anything. Can react to arrows and crossbow bolts. His movements could not be perceived by soldiers) | Hypersonic (Can keep up with Wyald, who can move this fast) | Hypersonic (Faster than before) with High Hypersonic+ combat speeds and reactions (Could react to Rosine charging towards him mere inches away. Has defeated Serpico in various duels), High Hypersonic+ with Berserker Armor (Capable of dodging lightning)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Can grip Dragon Slayer with his teeth and swing it at superhuman speeds. Lifted apostle form Mozgus and his Dragon Slayer at the same time while heavily injured without any trouble and threw him. As Black Swordsman should be stronger than Wyald who can lift large trees and swing them at high speeds). At least Class 50, likely higher with Berserker Armor (Managed to overpower Grunbeld so much that he couldn't even hold his own guard and was humiliatingly overpowered by Guts. Even after Grunbeld turned into an Apostle, Guts could stop his tail coming him at full speed. Should be somewhat comparable physically to Nosferatu Zodd, who could lift apostle Wyald and rip him in half with no trouble)

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Small Building Class | Multi-City Block Class, higher with Berserker Armor

Durability: Wall level (Comparable to his Attack Potency) | At least Small Building level (Survived an onslaught of attacks from Wyald's Apostle Form), at least Multi-City Block level with Dragon Slayer (Dragon Slayer was able to tank channeling Schierke's Fire Wheel, absorbing Ganishka's lightning, and the counterforce of Guts' strikes even when using the Berserker Armor later in the series) | At least Multi-City Block level (Tanked Mozgus' God Breath. Tanked a portion of Schierke's Fire Wheel without much injury, shrugging it off after submerging himself to soothe his burns. Can withstand attacks from Mozgus' Apostle Form without being seriously injured. Can survive serious hits from Zodd and Grunbeld's Apostle Forms. Can withstand multiple lightning bolts from Ganishka, which could harm Nosferatu Zodd's Apostle Form and one-shot several other Apostles), Immortality makes him hard to kill

Stamina: Extremely high (Was able to fight against one hundred men lasting an entire night. Endured a long drawn out battle with Apostle Wyald. Withstood entirety of Eclipse, where not only he has lost his arm and eye and was bleeding out without any help and kept on fighting with tens of physically superior Apostles in that state, only being fueled by pure hatred, but also was mentally devastated because of continuous death of his comrades and rape of Casca before his very eyes. Right after that, he could run for an entire day) | Marvelously high (Significantly higher than before. Can withstand attacks from Apostles and keep fighting like nothing happened. He is even willing to be injured by his enemies to gain an advantage in battle. Consistently fights with little to no break between fights where he loses a lot of blood and is gravely injured), higher with Elf Dust (He has been shown to undo the effects of torture that left even the likes of Guts unable to move) | Indefinitely higher than before (Will stop fighting only when the last drop of his blood is spilled)

Range: Extended melee range with his Pre-Dragon Slayer greatsword, several meters with Dragon Slayer (The Dragon Slayer has been stated to be longer than Guts' body) and Hand Cannon, tens of meters with Repeater Crossbow

Standard Equipment:

  • Great Broadsword: Large broadsword that was made to suit Guts' way of fighting his enemies, with as much power and durability it can muster. Even then Guts needed to replace several of these swords due to Guts putting them through much pressure but these swords should not be underestimated because these are still able to cut heavily armored men with ease and withstand blows from a person who was as strong as Guts.
  • Leather Armor: Light and effective armor used by Guts as a mercenary, it brings relative protection from arrows and sword slashes but is quite easily shredded by powerful opponents such as trained knights, assassins and apostles.

  • Dragon Slayer: This weapon was built with the singular purpose of being able to slay a dragon. Its creator, Godot, made it oversized and crude, as a means of criticizing and mocking the ridiculous demand of its commission, and put it in his shed to rust after it was rejected in disgust by the king who ordered it. Years later, it would be found by Guts, who, to Godot's shock, could wield it just as he could any other sword. And ironically enough, the weapon has come close to fulfilling its "purpose", Guts having used the weapon to defeat, albeit not kill, the Dragon Apostle, Grunbeld. Aside from it absurd size and its subsequent ability to deal equally absurd damage, what makes the Dragon Slayer special is that due to it being tempered in the blood and malice of thousands of the monsters and malicious spirits inhabiting the Interstice, it has gained the ability to attack the ethereal body.
  • Hand Cannon: One of the few long-range weapons Guts has. It can be morphed out of Guts' right hand and is quite powerful, being able to blast through Apostles with little effort. Guts also uses the Hand Cannon's recoil to propel himself forward whilst swinging the Dragon Slayer, enhancing his velocity. In turn the hand cannon can also turn into a brutal melee weapon -- due to its sledgehammer-like weight and sturdiness, Guts, even after being pushed to the point of collapse from a gauntlet of ruthless fights just a couple hours prior, effortlessly killed a fully-armored knight with a single punch.
  • Repeater Crossbow: A crossbow mountable to Guts' prosthetic arm, capable of firing arrows rapidly. It's mainly used for fighting a horde of enemies.
  • Dagger: Used by Guts for usually cutting meat of animals but it is also used as an effective side arm that Guts can use in blink of an eye when the Dragon Slayer isn't necessary.
  • Throwing Knifes: Guts has a really accurate throwing capability with knifes so he opted for the wide leaf-shaped daggers that can easily penetrate even armored opponents.
  • Miniature Bombs: While seemingly underwhelming at first glance these miniature bombs are not to be underestimated, they can easily blow up armor and severely damage pseudo-apostles.
  • Black Swordsman Armor: Really durable armor that is resistant to blunt and slash damage and specially for the former as Guts has survived being crushed several times due to the help of the armor. The armor provides relative protection to the legs and the shoulders as he can shrug off most arrow strikes and sword slashes.

  • Berserker Armor: A cursed suit of incredibly durable armor that removes the body's subconscious limiters, allowing the wearer to achieve incredible feats of strength, speed and agility that are far beyond what they're normally capable of, at the cost of causing heavy strain and damage to the body in the process. It also keeps wounds from slowing Guts down, forcibly relocating joints, reinforcing broken bones, and binding flesh to the bone with barbs. However, it does not mend wounds, meaning that Guts will still be bleeding out from particularly severe wounds. Additionally, it strips the user of whatever sanity they once had put them into a constant state of bloodlust. The bloodlust is so powerful that Schierke was unable to possess him in this state.

Intelligence: Gifted. Guts is an infamously skilled swordsman, being able to take on most Apostles and humans with his casual swings alone thanks to the enormous heft of the Dragon Slayer. Guts is a capable thinker and a pragmatic fighter, a fact he proves by solving problems with his wits when brute force doesn't work, such as when he used an enemy as bait by disguising them with his cloak, played dead to get close enough to fire a point-blank Hand Cannon, and adapting to exceedingly unfavorable situations. Contrary to popular belief Guts is quite clever, as shown when he uses his scientific knowledge, such as utilizing Dragon Slayer against lightning and puncturing the Sea God's stomach to take advantage of the difference in air pressure to get vacuumed within another part of its body.

Standard Tactics: Constant state of Bloodlust with Berserker Armor.

Weaknesses: Bloodthirsty and sadistic to a fault at times. Suffers from PTSD that makes him fear to be touched intimately | Is cursed by the Brand of Sacrifice and will be attacked by Tidal Wave of Darkness during the night. Can't swim with his steel arm | The Berserker Armor does not heal wounds, only delaying the effects of damage taken. The Berserker Armor also removes his subconscious limiters, causing his body to harm and eventually destroy itself. Now suffers from severe PTSD.

Key: Beginning of the Golden Age | End of Golden Age | Black Swordsman


  • While there are claims that Dragon Slayer negates durability by attacking the soul, this is not true, nor are claims it outright possesses a busted degree of regeneration negation (this argument commonly phrased as something to the effect of "Dragon Slayer kills with a scratch"). Its power is more along the lines of creating wounds that will never fully recover, and even if healed or regenerated, they will open up again. This isn't full-blown regeneration negation but will function as such when it comes to more debilitating injuries.
  • Guts' Probability Manipulation is likely not quite as effective in a VS match as it is in-story, as many of the times he's survived were due to outside help. While still otherwise applicable and even potentially highly effective, this does limit his potential options for a bailout with luck hax.
  • It is advised for the OP to choose between Guts during Griffith's retrieval and Post-Eclipse Guts when making matches with his second (9-A) key. Former version of Guts is already 9-A, however the latter is even stronger with the Dragon Slayer and his hand-cannon. If it's not specified, by SBA Guts is at his strongest, therefore at the Post-Eclipse state.



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