Gun Clover


Gun x Clover is a manga by Yamaguchi Mikoto and D.P.

Mikado High School, a school for "special people", trains the best students to be the best mercenary bodyguards. But Morito Hayama, a merc escort student with no rank whatsoever, is suddenly assigned to guard a person so highly valued that no escort has ever survived before. Will his subject survive the experience? Will HE survive?!

Power of the Verse

The verse has low power, with most of the strongest characters, the Master-rank mercenaries, hanging around Small Building level AP and Subsonic speed with Supersonic reactions. There's some characters like Kotonoha Nanase or Numerology users that bring bigger destructive potential and/or hax, but they are exceptions.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series





Master-rank Mercenaries

Other Mercenaries

Other Characters

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