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We all wear masks, Spider-Man. But which one is real? The one that hides your face, or the one that is your face?
~ The Green Goblin fighting Spider-Man.


Norman Osborn, better known as the Green Goblin, is the main antagonist of the animated TV series The Spectacular Spider-Man

He is a ruthless businessman, inventor, gifted chemist, the head of OsCorp Industries, and the father of Harry Osborn. After being exposed to a chemical formula, he turned to supervillainy as Green Goblin, terrorizing New York City to become one of Spider-Man's greatest archenemies along with Venom and Doctor Octopus.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Norman Osborn, The Green Goblin

Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man

Gender: Male

Age: In his late 40s

Classification: Buisnessman, Supervillain

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts (Advanced), Weapon Mastery, Genius Intelligence, Tactical Leadership, Buiness Management, High Knowledge of Sciences and Politics, Regeneration (Likely Low-Mid, survived crashing into a water tower full of pumpkin bombs without sustaining any visible injury), Acrobatics, Energy Projection (Can shoot energy from his hands via his suit), Flight (Via his Glider), Explosion Manipulation (Via Pumpkin Bombs), Smoke Manipulation (Via various gases), Illusion Creation (One his gas can be cause hallucinations), Status Effect Inducement (Via gases), Resistance to Smoke Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement (Unfazed by his gases)

Attack Potency: Building level (Comparable to Spider-Man, who has harmed him)

Speed: Supersonic moving speeds with Massively Hypersonic combat speed and reactions (Can easily react to Spider-Man's attacks and dodge his webs), higher with his Glider

Lifting Strength: At least Class 10 normally (Comparable to Spider-Man who can toss aside dump trucks)

Striking Strength: Building Class (Can harm the likes of Spider-Man)

Durability: Building level (Survived flying into several of his own Pumpkin Bombs)

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range, at least meters via throwing Pumpkin Bombs and Energy Projection

Standard Equipment: His Suit, His Glider, Pumkin Bombs, Various gases, Jack-o'-Lanterns, Razor Bats, Gobweb Cannon

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius.

Weaknesses: His mental instability can sometimes take the best of him, otherwise none notable.


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