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Gravity Falls is a Disney XD show created by Alex Hirsch. It follows the adventures of two twins named Mabel and Dipper Pines, who are sent on their summer vacation to live with their Great Uncle Stan Pines in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Upon their arrival, their great uncle enlists the twins help in running the Mystery Shack, a shop that overcharges customers.

Although Dipper and Mabel quickly discover the Mystery Shack is a hoax itself, they sense there is something strange about their new town and together they begin to unlock the secrets of Gravity Falls.

Power of the Verse

The main cast of the series is rather unimposing, as they are all regular humans who typically confront monsters that are Wall Level at most. However there are a few entities in the series that boost the verse up to being one of the most powerful cartoons out there. 

Some of these beings include Bill Cipher who can distort and destroy natural laws of the universe with his mere presence. It was stated in the 3rd Journal that Bill posed a threat to the multiverse.






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