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If someone is born male, at least once in his life he'll dream of becoming the strongest man alive. Grappler, the martial artist who aims to be the strongest in the world!
~ Opening Message of the Anime


Grappler Baki is a series and franchise revolving around its titular protagonist, Baki Hanma, and his eternal goal and struggle to become the very strongest of the world over a total of four installments. Much of the conflict is centered around Baki and his father, Yujiro Hanma, with Baki gaining true purpose due to the murder of his mother in an earlier part of the story. The tension reaches its climax with the series third installment, Son of Ogre, with father and son clashing for seemingly the final time. The following fourth segment of the series, Baki-Dou (Way of Baki), focuses on the revival of the legendary Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto, and his campaign to obtaining his former glory. It is concluded with Musashi's soul being ejected out of his body by Sabuko Tokugawa. In the Fall of 2018, Baki-Dou II was released and it confirms the next big challenger to be the descendant of the "God of Sumo", Nomi no Sukune II.



Power of the Verse

Low Superhuman feats like concrete destruction and faster than elite athlete movements are the upper limit for the majority of the characters.

Some of the higher-level fighters are able to shake entire buildings with their aura alone, destroy the Statue of Liberty, break the sound barrier, tank bombardments from the U.S. Military and stop an earthquake with a punch.







Hanma Bloodline

Brute Strength Users

Weapon Users

Kung Fu Users

Boxers, Wrestlers and Mixed Martial Artists

Karate Users

Judo Users

Jujutsu Users

Sumo Wrestlers

Animals and Beasts

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