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Granny is a indie horror video game that was created by DVloper, and was originally released on november 24th, 2017 for android devices. an IOS version came later that year on December 11th, 2017. A PC port was relased via the Steam platform on november 20th, 2018. A unnamed player finds themseleves waking up in a bed they are in a room they don't recognize. They have been locked up in an old, decrepit house by Granny, a crazy old woman (or demon) who hunts her prey with a bloodied baseball bat. They must explore and find items and tools to help them open the various locks Granny keeps on her front door, all while outrunning her pursuit and hiding in the beds, coffins, and wardrobes found in the various rooms of the house.

In their mission to unlock the front door, they'll also stumble upon a garage at the bottom of the house which holds a functional, albeit disassembled car. Should they so choose, they could abandon their original objective and instead focus on using the parts that they find to repair and fuel the car, which can then be used as an alternate escape method.

Along the way, they'll also run into the many other secrets that Granny keeps hidden behind locked doors. Her pet spider makes an appearance as a secondary antagonist, holed up in a cage at the very top of the house. Additionally, a particularly investigative player might find remnants of a broken family, or worse, the remains of Granny's last victim. They will come across her third big pet, the Crow kept in a secret room connected to the Meat Room and the Cellar Swamp.

Will the player be able to escape their prison in the five days Granny has so generously granted them, or will they succumb to her unending chase and face their doom in the walls of the house?

Power of the Verse

In terms of overall power and speed, Granny is not that impressive. Topping out at Athletic Human Level and at Street Level and speed at Normal Human to Athletic Human speeds. However granny makes up with it with abilites including Clairvoyance, Immortality, Resurrection, Enhanced Senses, Sleep Manipulation, and Ice Manipulation with freeze trap.

The strongest character in this verse is Granny who is able to knock out the player in one blow with her baseball bat and can hear everything in the house.






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