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Grand Theft Auto Modern logo

Grand Theft Auto Classic logo (2001)

Grand Theft Auto Classic logo (1997)

G - Grand Theft Auto. You gotta make a mark to move where you want to

T - Theft. Determination, to steal what you can and run from the nation

A - Hey, what do you say?

We automate the sequence and speed for my getaway Take it to the edge there's nowhere to hide And call up the boy, let's go for a joyride!

~ Grand Theft Auto 1's main theme.


Grand Theft Auto is an open world videogame franchise, it has become one of the most popular game franchises of all time, spawning 5 main games, various spin-offs and DLC, currently the GTA games are divided into 3 universes: the 2D Universe (All 2D classic GTA games like GTA 1, 2 & London 1961/1969), the 3D Universe (All 3D games from the 6th Generation of consoles like GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas and the handheld games for the PSP and Gameboy) and lastly the HD Universe (All 3D games for the 7th and 8th Generation of consoles like GTA IV and his expansions, V, Online and Chinatown wars) with Bully supposedly being canon to the series, but Rockstar has given no official information. Due to this division in the universe, many characters from different worlds can't appear in another, except for some recurrent characters and cameos.

The GTA series doesn't have a main plot since all the games tell very different stories. Still, the general narrative talks about the main character(s) trying to escape from his troublesome past or just wanting to have a better, calm life. But due to money problems, family, or even political corruption, they start doing mostly illegal jobs for people to gain money or even just for revenge.

Power of the Verse

Being a game that has a right amount of heavy weaponry, as well as characters that can easily take down most grown men and expert fighters/athletes in hand-to-hand combat and even severely damage or also destroy armored vehicles with ease with brute force alone, this franchise usually sits pretty well within the Wall level spectrum, though certain items from the 6th generation era give certain characters even more of a boost.






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