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Golden Sun is a niche Japanese role-playing game series spanning across 3 games created by Camelot Software Planning. The games take place in a world called Weyard. Weyard is governed by the mythological concept of the classical elements. All matter on Weyard consists of any combination of the four base elements: Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, or earth, fire, water, and wind, respectively. These four elements can be manipulated by the power of Alchemy, which reigned supreme in the world's ancient past. Alchemy was sealed away in the past; however, the world in the present age has become seemingly devoid of this power. On the contrary, in various places throughout the world, people demonstrate an aptitude to manipulate one of the elements through a form of magic called Psynergy.

Power of the Verse

Golden Sun is quite powerful. The verse is consistently Tier 4 due to powerful summons like Charon and Isis. Isis explodes to a supernova, which is easily High 4-C. She is also Massively FTL+. Enhancements from the Golden Sun make the protagonists well above those feats. It also features characters with some decent hax like Death Manipulation, Power Nullification, Soul Manipulation etc.







Golden Sun:

The Lost Age:

Dark Dawn:


Golden Sun:

The Lost Age:

Dark Dawn:


  • The Wise One

Weapons & Power Sources

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