Sayaka Miki creates a glyph in a fight against a witch.


While traditionally, a glyph is defined as a symbol, in terms of abilities, it is commonly accepted as essentially a small platform created in the air by someone, generally to step on them or get an extra jump off them. It functions similar to Forcefield Creation, only for agility rather than defense (Though some can be defensive). They are visually composed of several symbols, ranging from ancient texts for magical verses to more modern symbols.

Can also be depicted as Platform Creation when symbols aren't heavily involved.

Possible Uses

  • As a pedestal, or an extra step.
  • Keeping an enemy below oneself.
  • Keeping up with Flight users or significantly Large Sized enemies.


  • Generally cannot be used for defensive purposes.
  • Sometimes glyphs appear in the casting of a spell or Magic, these are generally consider to be non-combat applicable glyphs and should be specified as so.


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