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I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream.
~ Giorno's catchphrase

Chara giorno stand.png
~ Gold Experience's battle cry

GER Appearance.png
This is... Requiem. What you're seeing is indeed the truth. You are seeing the movements created by your abilities, but you will NEVER arrive at the truth that's going to happen. None who stand before me shall ever get there, regardless of their abilities. This is the power of Gold Experience Requiem!
~ Gold Experience Requiem to Diavolo


Giorno Giovanna is the illegitimate son of Dio Brando in Jonathan Joestar's body, and is the fifth "JoJo" in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and the main protagonist of Part V: Vento Aureo. Born in Japan as Haruno Shiobana, he moves with his mother to Italy when she marries his new stepfather. Years later, in 2001, he is encountered by Koichi Hirose after he had been informed by Jotaro Kujo that he is DIO's son. His intentions reveal that he wants to become a "Gang-Star" and later become the Boss of Neopolitan Gang Passione. After fighting Bruno Bucciarati and passing Polpo's trial, he joins the Gang, becomes involved in a week-long mission of protecting Trish Una, and then aids Bruno in betraying the Gang and to assassinate the Boss of Passione.

In the showdown with the Boss, he acquires the Requiem Arrow and upgrades his Stand from Gold Experience to Gold Experience Requiem.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C, 8-C with Gold Experience | At least High 8-C, likely far higher with Gold Experience Requiem

Name: Giorno Giovanna (Birth name Haruno Shiobana), GioGio

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part V: Vento Aureo

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Classification: Human, Gangster, Stand User, Mafia Member | Mafia Boss

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Extrasensory Perception (Capable of seeing ghosts and souls among some other supernatural forces that are normally otherwise invisible), Genius Intelligence, Supernatural Willpower (As a stand user, Giorno can withstand punishment to his own soul. He has also willingly broke off his own limbs for his allies as well as being able to fight and kill Cioccolata whilst sustaining major injuries.), Stealth Mastery (Giorno was able to steal a prison guard's wallet in the middle of his body search without her noticing. He has also performed many transmutations without the target realizing, such as against Polpo and Ghiaccio.), Charismatic (Bruno states how Giorno has a talent for getting people to accept him. Fugo's trust in Giorno cannot be 'expressed in mere words'. Giorno's more of a leader to Mista then Bruno, despite being a newbie. Mista also states how Giorno has been guiding him this whole time without either of the two realizing it.), Minor Body Control (Can tuck all of his ear into his ear hole), Multiple Selves (Type 2; Gold Experience Requiem is spiritual entity derived from Giorno's soul, is cognizant and is able to act on its own will), Aura, and Summoning (Of his Stand), Resistance to Disease Manipulation (Vaccinated himself with the blood of an animal immune to the Purple Haze virus, surviving its increasing infection). Gold Experience has Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Afterimage Creation (Its attacks often leave numerous afterimages), Incorporeality (Stands are the incorporeal manifestations of one's vital energy, and can only be harmed by other Stands), Non-Physical Interaction (Stands can interact with ghosts and other Stands), Invisibility (Stands can only be seen by other Stands and Stand Users), Selective Intangibility, Flight (Within its effective range), Aura, Adept Hand to Hand combat skills (Shown here), Life Manipulation (Gold Experience's ability works by injecting life into the things it touches), Transmutation (Able to turn inanimate objects into living beings), Age Manipulation (By injecting life into living things he can force them to grow until they exhaust their life spans), Biological Manipulation, Healing, Sense Manipulation (By injecting life into a living target via simply punching them with Gold Experience, the target's senses will go 'out of control' and 'rampage', causing them to accelerate far beyond the target's ability to move. This subsequently causes everything to feel slow for the target.), Extrasensory Perception (Much like its user), Life and Soul Sensing (Can manually sense nearby life energy), Cloning (Giorno took the cells of Coco Jumbo and implanted them into a brooch, with the brooch turning into a clone of Coco Jumbo), Limited Necromancy (Giorno's life energy allowed Bruno to continue living as a zombie after he was killed, though the life energy will eventually run out)

Non-Physical Interaction (All of them, regular ants could move in King Crimson's hand), Attack Reflection (Any damage dealt to these creatures & plants are immediately reflected onto the attacker. This is not the case for the body parts & corpses infused with Gold Experience's energy, however), Adaptation (A brick in an area exposed to a virus was turned into a snake with immunity to said virus), Enhanced Senses (Many of them, Giorno has taken advantage of this by making them follow his foes), Poison Manipulation (Snakes, scorpions, etc.), Flight (Birds, mosquitoes, etc.), Bodily Weaponry (Scorpions, piranhas, etc.), Small Size (Most of his organisms for type 1. Ants, flies, etc. for type 2), Surface Scaling (Frogs, flies, etc.), Underwater Breathing (Marine creatures such as fishes, which Giorno has used to navigate relatively short distances across the sea) and Limited Clairvoyance (The organisms created are able to locate and track their point of origin with supernatural precision)

All previous abilities to a greater extent (It's stated in JoJo A-Go!Go! that the abilities of Gold Experience have evolved. GER also utilized his 'Life Giver' ability on debris without direct contact, something that Gold Experience required for his abilities to work.), plus Causality Manipulation (Reverts actions moment by moment to where they started, with those actions otherwise creating a future that is guaranteed to occur; Said guaranteed future to occur is, in turn, a reality that "none who stand before" GER will ever arrive to, without Giorno himself being aware of it. Those who are struck by its power will have their deaths reverted and die an infinite number of times), Empathic Manipulation (The strength of an attacker will be reverted to zero), Energy Projection (Shot raw energy at Diavolo. The anime portrayal instead has GER wrapping a small rock with energy and launching that at Diavolo, which may or may not be what happened in the manga), Telekinesis (GER is shown levitating in the sky when it first appeared along with Giorno himself. GER is shown pointing at a pebble, lifting it up, and firing it at Diavolo, all without ever making physical contact with it.), Enhanced Senses (Upscales greatly from Gold Experience's precision capabilities. May also upscale from Star Platinum, as GER is ranked 'None' for precision), possibly Pain Amplification (Diavolo described the pain he felt in certain areas of the death loop as 'beyond all imagination' as well as being unable to stand and was in complete agony after being stabbed, despite him before being completely unfazed when his arm was sliced up by Sliver Chariot in addition to having very high stamina.)

Attack Potency: Street level (Narancia jumped this high while he was in Giorno's body). Building level for Gold Experience (Was able to damage Black Sabbath, who incapacitated Echoes ACT3, who in turn was able to take hits from Killer Queen. Weaker than, but can still contend with Sticky Fingers, who staggered King Crimson), can ignore durability with most abilities | At least Large Building level+, likely far higher with Gold Experience Requiem (Virtually invincible in JoJo, not having any of its stats measured, while Stands like The World and Star Platinum - the later being called the strongest Stand in the world -, can have their stats measured. Said to exceed all existing Stands in attack power, which puts it above all Stands, including Red Hot Chili Pepper while powered by Morioh's energy. Diavolo thought it to be a power-up and described Gold Experience to be able to attack with incredible power, could effortlessly pierce King Crimson's hand and completely dismantled it)

Speed: Peak Human, with at most Massively FTL reactions (Tore off his own arm to counter Sticky Fingers. Dodged a strike from Black Sabbath outside of the shade as well as a grab. Moved his body in order to get struck by Aerosmith. Activated his ability on a bullet kicked by Sex Pistols). At most Massively FTL with Golden Experience (Despite being a bit slower than Sticky Fingers, Golden Experience was able to not only have a fist fight with him, reacting and matching his attacks, but also intercept one of his attacks) | At least Massively FTL, likely far higher (Is the evolved form of Gold Experience, keeping its powers and powering up its stats. While near Diavolo and in his sight, managed to break free of its Gold Experience "shell" and move to another location without being noticed before King Crimson could finish it off. Flicked a pebble at such speeds that Diavolo couldn't perceive the attack, barely managing to avoid the brunt of it. Mista claimed he couldn't really see or understand what Giorno did to Diavolo in reference to the beatdown that defeated him, if maybe in part), Infinite for its Return to Zero (Ranked "None" in Speed on its Stand stats, those being referenced in the JOJO-A-GO!GO! guidebook as it stated that its ability "is impossible to compare with the existing Stand(s) and measuring rod(s)"; By comparison, Notorious B.I.G. and Made in Heaven are ranked "∞" on their speed, with the latter having briefly been able to achieve infinite speed [See note 4 below])

Lifting Strength: Peak Human, Unknown with Gold Experience | Unknown with Gold Experience Requiem

Striking Strength: Street Class, Building Class with Gold Experience | At least Large Building Class+, likely far higher with Gold Experience Requiem (Exceed all Stands in every single aspect and stats in JoJo, which includes strength)

Durability: Street level (Has consistently been in brutal car crashes, should be comparable to his attack potency), possibly Small Building level (Managed to survive a direct blow from Green Day, albeit with major damage). Building level with Gold Experience | At least Large Building level+, likely far higher with Gold Experience Requiem (Drastically above his previous state. More durable than any other Stand in JoJo, wich includes the likes of Sheer Heart Attack, since his stats can't be measured on the Stand stats)

Stamina: High

Range: Two meters with Gold Experience, Tens of meters via Life Sensing (Couldn't feel any life energy in a plane) | At least Low Multiversal for Gold Experience Requiem (Could capture Diavolo in a cycle of infinite deaths across what seem to be parallel worlds)

Standard Equipment: Gold Experience, Ladybug Brooches | Gold Experience Requiem, the Requiem Stand Arrow

Intelligence: Genius (A very competent analyzer of the situations around him, and a skilled tactician and leader. Giorno is always calm and analyzes foes, friends, passersby and the environment around to have a read on situations. He can speculate or make deductions of what is not shown in plain sight, or just detect traps, abnormalities, and weaknesses. He has used this mid-combat to set up traps to give himself an idea of what his foes were doing and what they would do, silently acting in response. Fugo, who has genius level intellect, has made multiple accounts of the impressive way Giorno thinks and acts. It is noteworthy that a part of the downsides he perceives in foes are due to Stands having specific gimmicks that, although powerful, are not perfect and may have some feature that can be exploited to overcome them, which is still impressive for him to deduct. Some of these complicated stand abilities that he figured out are Illuso's and Melone's stand abilities. He also figured out that Diavolo was possessing one of the team with limited information. He can creatively maneuver around a variety of diverse situations by using the many options given by the abilities of his Stand, or by instructing his partners to use their powers properly. He took over the powerful mafia known as Passione after killing its leader, which requires dealing with a number of managements, and aiming to end its selling of drugs)

Weaknesses: Any damage taken by Gold Experience will be reflected on Giorno. Gold Experience needs to hit an object to transform something. Its healing ability is not meant to heal and is rather painful when used that way. It requires a sufficient amount of heat to create the most life | Any damage taken by GER will reflect onto Giorno

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Gold Experience: Gold Experience is a yellow, humanoid Stand with green ladybug-themed decor scattered across various parts of its body. It uses melee attacks, but could also attack with lifeforms it creates.
    • Life Creation: Anything Giorno or Gold Experience touches that is abiotic will be able to become a life form of Giorno's choosing. Said organisms birthed can be preset to have advantages an evolved organism would have (i.e., immunity to a virus or life sensory), and Giorno commands any of their possible actions. If he gives life to an object inside a person, then he can even spawn animals inside people.
      • Life Preservation: Anything that was created into a living organism, once created, will never be able to be harmed. Any attempts or damage meant to connect with an object modified by Gold Experience will reflect at the person or object attacking it and damage them, possibly killing/destroying them.
      • Organ Creation: Gold Experience can turn inanimate objects into pieces of a human body or organ that can replace any damaged or removed ones from Giorno or anyone else he wishes to help. This can be seen as a special form of "healing", but the process of replacing said organs is described as complicated and painful.
    • Life Giving: Anything that is already living that is punched or touched by Gold Experience will get a boosted amount of life. On humans, their thought processing accelerates to the point of them not being able to "correlate correctly" between body and mind. Senses are amplified and feel prolonged during this time (i.e., the duration of feeling pain would seem to increase, but in reality, it is normal).
  • Gold Experience Requiem: GER is a yellow humanoid Stand that is an upgraded form of Gold Experience. Its key feature is the head of the Stand Arrow placed on its forehead. It uses melee attacks and seems to have a voice and personality of its own. It can operate outside of Giorno's consciousness, and still retains the original abilities of Gold Experience.
    • Return to Zero: GER can take the entirety of something and revert it to a previous state. This includes any action the target takes and leaves GER unaffected by it (i.e., Giorno would be affected by time stop, but GER would not). This puts anything it affects in a constant loop of being put back to zero depending on what GER has done to the target. If GER was to kill a target, they would be constantly put in an infinite loop of deaths, each one varying from the next. The ability can be described as taking the "effect" out of "cause and effect".

Key: Gold Experience | Gold Experience Requiem

Note: For a better understanding of Gold Experience Requiem's ability, see this blog here.

Note 2: It is unknown whether Giorno's stand lost its Requiem form or not when the Stand arrow fell off after the fight with Diavolo.

Note 3: There are canon statements that Gold Experience Requiem can reset will to zero. However, the exact meaning, capabilities, mechanics, and all other details are unknown due to lacking context and the ability having never been used canonically.

Note 4: On regards to the speed of GER's Return to Zero;

  • Stand stats mostly refer to a Stand's general abilities instead of its physicality, hence the JOJO-A-GO!-GO! refers to the board as GER's ability being what can't be compared. This is why specific physical stats are sometimes portrayed as abilities Stands have despite how they only have "one ability"/power each.
  • Notorious B.I.G. and Made in Heaven don't simply have infinite speed, at least the latter can achieve it under some conditions met while the former can potentially do the same. GER upscales to their maximum speed as Notorious B.I.G. and Made in Heaven's stats portray that as their rank instead their others lesser speeds shown.
  • The Return to Zero working within Time Erase doesn't qualify as a feat of infinite speed (See note 4 in the Speed page), but the fact that it did so despite only Diavolo being able to act there supports the idea of GER's ability having a superiority over that of other Stands.



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