If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow and begin devouring humans, and from the same mouth you started devouring humans, you cried out to me 'I love you,' would I still be able to say 'I love you' the same way I do today?
~ Gin to Rangiku


Gin Ichimaru (市丸 ギン, Ichimaru Gin) was the captain of the 3rd Division of the Gotei 13 until he betrayed Soul Society, alongside Sōsuke Aizen and Kaname Tōsen. His lieutenant was Izuru Kira. He formerly served as the lieutenant of the 5th Division under Sōsuke Aizen and the 3rd Seat of the 5th Division under Shinji Hirako.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A | High 6-C, higher with Bankai, Low 6-B with Buto Renjin

Name: Ichimaru Gin

Origin: Bleach

Gender: Male

Age: At least 110 years old

Classification: Shinigami, Former Captain of the 3rd Division, Commander of Aizen's Arrancar Army

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Swordsmanship, Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Pseudo-Flight, Spiritual Awareness (Can see invisible spirits and objects), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense beings with Reiatsu), Longevity, Stealth Mastery (With Reiatsu-Concealing Cloak), Can take his reiryoku and exert it as reiatsu, Statistics Amplification (Can use Shunpo to boost his speed), Dimensional Travel (With Senkaimon), Teleportation (Via Sentan Hakuja), Energy Projection, Poison Manipulation and Durability Negation with Bankai, Perception Manipulation (Can interfere with his opponent's senses), BFR (Shinigami can transfer the souls of the dead to either Soul Society or Hell depending on the deeds they've committed when they were alive with their Zanpakuto), Soul Manipulation (Shinigami can directly damage souls with their Zanpakutō), Invisibility, Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm and interact with intangible spirits and objects), Overwhelming Aura (Spiritual pressure can passively induce ailments ranging from paralysis to fear inducement), Resistance to Soul Manipulation

Attack Potency: Mountain level+ (Fought against Tōshirō) | Large Island level, higher with Bankai (Effortlessly matched Ichigo, cut apart a portion of Karakura Town and pierced Post-Chrysalis Aizen's chest with his Bankai). The poison of his Bankai ignores conventional durability (Capable of killing Post-Chrysalis Aizen, if not for the protection from Hogyoku), Small Country level with Buto Renjin (Buto Renjin increases his Bankai's power by an order of magnitude)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Far superior to a 4th seat Shinigami who could react to and block an attack from Orihime) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Superior to Masked Ichigo, who was struggling to keep up with him), higher attack speed with Bankai, even higher attack speed with Buto Renjin (Buto Renjin doubles his Bankai's attack speed)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Mountain Class+ | Large Island Class

Durability: Mountain level+ | Large Island level (Tanked a Getsuga Tenshō from Bankai Ichigo and only had a superficial wound on his forehead. It took two slashes from Butterfly Aizen to finish him off, though this is more of an endurance feat)

Stamina: Very high. Fought Ichigo without breaking a sweat while fooling around. Being a Shinigami whose power is above that of an average Captain-class and in the physical prime for a Shinigami, his stamina must be vastly superhuman. Significantly weaker characters can fight for days without rest and continue fighting with wounds that would be fatal to even the hardiest of humans, such as crushed internal organs.

Range: Tens of meters with Shikai, 13 kilometres with Bankai

Standard Equipment: His Zanpakutō, Shinsō, Reiatsu Concealing Cloak

  • Reiatsu Concealing Cloak: A cloak created by Urahara which hides the wearer's spiritual pressure. By incorporating Kidō into the cloak, Aizen states it allows the wearer to blend in with the air around them, almost completely concealing them from sight.

Intelligence: Highly manipulative and deceptive (In his battle with Hitsugaya, Gin was able to manipulate the positions of three people so Hitsugaya would have to choose between saving his own life or Hinamori's without any visible effort), capable of simple deception by having his opponent focus on one thing to hide the true threat

Weaknesses: None notable

Feats: Gin was the only one capable of discovering the weakness of Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu to avoid his Complete Hypnosis.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Shunpo: A Shinigami movement technique which allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. As speed is the main factor of the technique, the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps.


Shikai: The initial release to a Shinigami's Zanpakutō. It is activated by a command while declaring the name of the Zanpakutō Spirit. It changes the shape of the Zanpakutō and/or granting special abilities.

  • Shinsō: Gin can extend his blade at high speeds at around 100 times it's original length with impressive physical force.
  • Kamishini no Yari
  • Korose, Kamishini no Yari
  • Butō
  • Butō: Renjin

Bankai: The ultimate and final release to a Zanpakutō. The difference in power between Shikai and Bankai is generally around 5-10 times more powerful. Even though Bankai is the final stage of a Zanpakutō, it does not mean the Shinigami's growth ends there. A Bankai, especially one recently obtained, can evolve even further as its Shinigami gets stronger.

  • Kamishini no Yari: Gin's Bankai enhances his shikai's abilities greatly, along with a hidden ability.
  • Korose, Kamishini no Yari: Gin can leave a small piece of his Zanpakutou in an opponent before it contracts, which contains a deadly poison that breaks down the target at the celluar level.
  • Butō: An enhanced version of his Shikai's initial extension technique.
  • Butō: Renjin: Gin repeatedly extends and contracts his blade for a continuous assault. This technique also doubles his original attack speed and increases his Bankai's attack power by an magnitude.

Kidō: Spells casted by Shinigami with strong enough Reiryoku and Reiryoku control. Kidō is divided into mainly three categories: Hadō for attacks, Bakudō for battle support and Kaidō for healing. The spells are ranking from 1-99 with 1 being the weaker and easier spells to cast and 99 being the most powerful and difficult to cast. Skilled users can cast Kidō without the need of an incantation; however, casting without incantation does reduce the Kidō's effectiveness less than a third of it's full potential.

  • Sentan Hakuja:: A long, white piece of cloth is spun around to incorporate targets within its coils. It teleports the targets to another location.
  • Hakufuku:: The caster begins to distort the target's vision while the target's conscious becomes muddled until they black out. The target awakens later with an unclear memory of what had previously happened.

Key: Soul Society Arc | Fake Karakura Town Arc


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