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Garou RenderZar.png
The popular will win, the hated will lose. It's such a tragedy. Then I won't lose to anyone. I will become the strongest monster ever and change this scenario.
~ Garou

Half-Monster Garou Render.png
The hunt is on.
~ Garou to Gyoro Gyoro

What's the matter, Darkshine. Aren't you a hero? Aren't you here to stop my "monster play"? I'm still kicking.
~ Garou to Darkshine

Garou Render (AI).png
I'll take on anyone who wants a fight. Absolute Evil is unbiased, you know. Heroes, monsters, I will slaughter every last one of them, and rise up to become the ultimate symbol of fear... Disaster level "God". Come get some.
~ Garou to Flashy Flash and Platinum Sperm

Post-Sage Garou 2.png
As of now... I've reached the epitome... of martial arts! This guy said he was divine retribution? Wrong... This was a blessing. "My fist" is now perfected.
~ Garou

Complete Monster Garou.png
Watch closely, you shitty brat. I’m about to destroy your outlook on life. I’ll show you just how powerless heroes are. There won’t be anyone left alive to kill you or save you. There will only be me, absolute evil, to dominate… and put a permanent end to the unreasonable world that made both of us cry.
~ Garou to Tareo

Monster Garou 2 (Redo).png

Saitama: Hey, you got a little better again!
Garou: You call this a little?!

~ Saitama and Garou

Garou Form 4.png
What the hell is he? He's like the embodiment of unfairness. There... There's no way... There's no way I'll let myself lose to him!!!!
~ Garou


Garou (ガロウ, Garō) is a former disciple of Bang and was considered a prodigy. But one day, he was kicked out from his dojo for going on a rampage once he got bored with everyone. He's one of the strongest characters in the series and plays a major role as the main villain in the Hero Hunt arc. His dream is to be the strongest monster ever and become the world's first God-Level Threat, or so he says.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-B | At least Low 7-B, up to At least 7-B | At least 7-B, up to 6-A, higher with Resonance | 6-A, up to 5-C

Name: Garou, Hero Hunter, Human Monster

Origin: One Punch Man

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: Human, "Hero Hunter" | Half-Monster | Monster, "Absolute Evil"

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilities to a greater extent, plus:

All previous abilities to a greater extent, plus:

Attack Potency: Small City level (Fought and defeated Tanktop Master after holding back. Despite having lost most of his strength as a result of exhaustion, blood loss, and poison, he managed to hold his own against Post-Superfight Genos and implied he would perform better against him in peak condition. Damaged a pumped Metal Bat) | At least Small City level (Easily decapitated Royal Ripper before evolving), up to At least City level (Grew much more powerful as he adapted during his fights with Overgrown Rover, Gyoro Gyoro, Orochi, and Superalloy Darkshine. At his peak, he started to break his limiter, and he was ultimately capable of overpowering Darkshine) | At least City level (Fought and defeated Bomb before growing in strength to match and ultimately defeat Awakening Breath Bang while asleep. After waking up, he one-shotted Vomited Fuhrer Ugly), up to Continent level (Fought and harmed Sage Centipede. Could damage Sage Centipede when Metal Bat couldn't, and was stated to be vastly stronger than him), Continent level+ with Resonance (Repelled the 6666 Leg Grand Drill and severely damaged Sage Centipede's exoskeleton in conjunction with Metal Bat’s Savage Hurricane. Punched through Sage Centipede and ripped out his regeneration core) | Continent level+ (Sliced Sage Centipede in half. Grew even stronger after his monsterization increased and he transformed twice), up to Moon level (After transforming once again, he slammed into the Earth, pushing the Earth's inner layers), Can ignore durability with Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist (A technique that produces devastating shockwaves capable of enveloping opponents and breaking their bones, even if they are as strong as Garou) and Fa Jin (Stated that these powerful attacks target the internal organs of his opponents, regardless of how tough their bones and flesh are)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Once serious, he pummeled Tanktop Master's body before he could even react, striking his joints and vital spots in the process. Seemingly effortlessly outmaneuvered and even blitzed a pumped-up Metal Bat. Despite being significantly tired and weakened, he kept up with Post-Superfight Genos and implied he would perform better against him in peak condition) | At least Massively Hypersonic (Faster than before), up to At least Massively Hypersonic+ with Reactive Evolution (Is much faster than before and grew even faster during his fight with Orochi. Could keep pace with and eventually outrun numerous of a restrained Orochi's horns, which previously blitzed him, but was ultimately defeated. Managed to dodge and counter one of Darkshine's hits. His speed grew at an alarming rate during his fight with Darkshine, eventually growing fast enough to overwhelm him) | At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Kept up with Bomb and Awakening Breath Bang while asleep), up to At least FTL (Grew much faster after defeating Bang and waking up, ultimately being able to surpass Flashy Flash's speed. Created a massive constellation with his sheer speed in 1.3 milliseconds alongside Platinum Sperm. Became even faster, to the point of outspeeding Platinum Sperm) | At least FTL, likely higher (Significantly faster than before, and continues to grow faster by adapting and transforming)

Lifting Strength: Class G (Somewhat contended with Post-Superfight Genos, and broke out of his grip while a weakened state) | At least Class G (Stronger than before), higher with Reactive Evolution (Able to match Darkshine in brute force) | At least Class G (Considerably stronger than before), up to At least Class P (Overpowered Sage Centipede's restraint, who can lift his whole body off the ground) | At least Class P, likely higher (Significantly stronger than before), up to Class Z (Displaced hundreds of kilometers of the Earth's crust)

Striking Strength: Small City Class | At least Small City Class, up to At least City Class | At least City Class, up to Continent Class, Continent level+ with Resonance | Continent Class+, up to Moon Class

Durability: Small City level | At least Small City level, up to At least City level (Survived Overgrown Rover's initial attack with heavy injuries, and eventually adapted to withstand multiple blasts from him. Surpassed Darkshine after his battle against him). Regeneration makes him difficult to kill | At least City Class (Much more durable than before. Could take numerous hits from Bomb and Awakening Breath Bang), up to Continent level (Survived Sage Centipede's Centipede Grand March and his 6666 Leg Grand Drill) | Continent level+, up to Moon level (Withstood Saitama's Consecutive Normal Punches, which were stronger than his own Extreme Fa Jin)

Stamina: Superhuman (After being worn down from fighting multiple strong Heroes, curb-stomped by Watchdog Man, and knocked unconscious by Saitama, he was forced without sufficient rest into a battle against numerous A-Class heroes, where he suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and was hit with poisonous arrows to drain his stamina but still managed to defeat all of his opponents. Immediately afterward, he found himself up against Genos and then both Bang and Bomb, who subjected him to continued pummeling to the point that he was on the verge of death. Even after all the punishment mentioned above, he still willed himself to resume fighting, ignoring the huge amounts of damage that his body had taken. Later on, after he healed from his wounds, he was one-shot by Saitama and left unconscious for a while, only to fight both Bug God and Royal Ripper not long afterwards, although Garou was defeated. After recovering a few hours later, Garou made his way to the Monster association base to fight against multiple monsters such Overgrown Rover, Gyoro Gyoro, Orochi, and eventually Darkshine, all with little time for rest in between. Continued fighting even after gaining injuries like his ribs getting broken or getting impaled. Even after being buried under Z-City, fighting with his master Bang, engaging in a triple match against Flashy Flash and Platinum Sperm, and defeating the colossal monster Sage Centipede, he still has enough energy to keep moving in top condition. He could survive a pummeling from Saitama, only to come back stronger than before)

Range: Standard melee range | Standard melee range, Several meters with Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist (Can cut monsters from a distance using air pressure) | Standard melee range, Several meters with Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist, Unknown with Shockwaves (Manage to create a huge shockwave and split Sage Centipede's entire body in half) | Standard melee range, Several meters with Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist, Planetary with Shockwaves (His shockwaves are able to reach the other side of the planet and affect the Earth's magnetic and gravitational fields)

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Genius Fighter (Garou has great knowledge in hand-to-hand combat and can analyze and memorize an opponent's fighting style and movements in only a few moments. He was also able to accurately predict the plans of both the Monster and Hero Associations by himself. Through observation, he learns of countermeasures for other people's fighting styles. Sometimes switches between fighting styles to keep his movement unpredictable or for his amusement. His martial arts mastery enables him to attack his opponents as if they were being cornered by dozens of martial artists at once as described by Darkshine, despite both being roughly on the same level at the time of their fight and Darkshine being a highly experienced hand-to-hand fighter. Stated to have reached the epitome of martial arts after mastering a plethora of fighting styles and perfecting his fist).

Weaknesses: Garou is very protective of Tareo, and he always put his life on the line to ensure his safety. He often withholds from using the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist martial art until he needs to, as it reminds him of Bang, who he holds a grudge against, though this weakness may not apply after his fight with Tanktop Master, as he has shown to constantly use his true fighting style from then onwards. Prone to intentionally prolonging fights to become stronger, typically letting enemies get serious. Tends to underestimate opponents once they are "defeated". Due to his fighting style being designed for humans as well as the fact that Bang did not teach him how to fight non-humanoid opponents, he may have a disadvantage against such foes. | None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Master Martial Artist: Garou is an extremely skilled fighter, who adapts to combat and uses the advantage of the opponent's weak spots to give himself the upper advantage in fights. His learning ability allows him to learn countermeasures for other people's fighting styles while making their fighting styles his own. He shows this ability against Tanktop Master, where he attacks his weak spots and quickly turns the tables. He also shows this unique ability in his fight with Metal Bat, where he comments that Metal Bat's attacks are getting predictable and weird. While fighting his opponents, Garou gains access to their fighting styles and techniques, simply by witnessing them once. Moreover, when fighting, Garou aims for the vital points and joints to make his opponents lose the ability to fight back very quickly. Furthermore, through analyzing his opponent's line of vision, posture, muscle tension, breathing, energy, movement patterns, and center of gravity he can nearly perfectly predict his opponent's next movement. His prediction accuracy only improves as he becomes stronger.

  • Various Martial Arts Mastery:
    • Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist: A distinctive martial art Garou learned from his former master, Bang. It's a combat style that relies on countering attacks despite being stronger than his own. This is also useful for the offensive stream of attacks that can take enemies by surprise. The martial art can repel the attacks of his opponents, nullify them, or redirect them with twice the power. Using this technique, Garou can beat some of the lower S-Class heroes, though he tends to avoid using this attack early on. His technique also wasn't perfected to the point that he couldn't repel Darkshine's attack before he started adapting.

Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist

  • Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist: Bomb's martial technique. This martial art style involves a powerful hand rotation technique to create a razor-sharp whirlwind pressure that chops the opponent into tiny pieces. The martial art then pushes the opponent back with tremendous force, depending on the proximity towards the eye of the whirlwind. The cutting pressure is also used in martial art's kicks.

Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist

  • Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist: A more advanced technique than both Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist and Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. A move that splits the skies and blasts airstreams into the opponent’s body. It's one level weaker than the Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist. The move is strong enough to break Elder Centipede's carapace, forcing it to molten. When the technique connects, the shockwave created will spread through the opponent's body, which ultimately reduces them to dust.

Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist

  • Cross Dragon Fang Slayer Fist: A technique developed by using Water Streaming Rock Smashing Fist and Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist. It's much stronger compared to those two techniques and usually requires two people to perform it. The only other two who could perform this were Bang and Bomb, who were each master in their respective martial arts styles. The technique is even stronger than the Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist.

Cross Dragon Fang Slayer Fist

  • Exploding Heart Release Fist: This fighting style involves Garou making his heart beat explosively in time with the impact of his attacks, allowing him to surpass his body limits. It has been stated that this technique is wicked, made with the intention of bringing total devastation.

Exploding Heart Release Fist

  • Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist: An exceptional technique developed by Garou from various combat methods he mastered. With this move, Garou could overwhelm Platinum Sperm's defense and finish him off. Has recently perfected this technique, being able to cut in half the body of a continental-long centipede with a single strike of his fist.

Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist

  • Self-Styled Martial Arts: Based on Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, this fighting style evolves freely during combat. This was first seen used against Heavy Tank Fundoshi.
  • Tanktop Tackle: Copied from Tanktop Master. He charges at his opponent, bulling them over with folded forearms. He uses this against Flashy Flash.
  • Tanktop Blow: Copied from Tanktop Master. Garou unbalances and distracts his opponent by striking the ground with tremendous force after spinning to build up momentum. He first uses this against Bang and Bomb, then later against Flashy Flash.
  • Watchdog Man's Dog Movements: During his fight with Genos, Garou is shown to have been able to mimic the movements of Watchdog Man which he uses to catch Genos off guard to grab his right arm.
  • Awakening Breath: A breathing technique that draws from the very limits of one's body. When used, Garou's stats are heightened.
  • Adaptability: While his "limiter" was breaking, Garou seems to have developed a form of adaptability. This allows him to become stronger and faster over time as well as make him seemingly immune to any attack that fails to kill him, such as developing stronger resistance to psychic attacks on top of his already immense will. This also allows him to transform into various forms making him a real Monster. He likens this to the Fighting Spirit ability Metal Bat has.
  • Mimicry: Similar to adaptability, Garou can mimic the techniques and abilities that he has witnessed before. Tanktop Tackle is one of the moves he was able to copy and the even Cross Dragon Fang Slayer Fist.
  • Regeneration: Garou can heal very quickly, as he fully recovered his life-threatening injuries from Royal Ripper in only a few hours. He also regenerated getting pierced through his stomach after Orochi’s horn struck and left a big hole, which he restored in a matter of minutes while dodging the Monster King's attacks. His body absorbs black matter from the air to close any wound.
  • Platinum Rings: Copied from Platinum Sperm. Garou rotates his arms to deflect attacks, allowing him to ward off punches from a casual Saitama.
  • Great Fa Jin: A powerful strike that allows Garou to damage an opponent's internal organs, thus incapacitating them. Upon using this technique, Garou, with both of his hands seeming to glow, hits the opponent's abdomen with his open palms, creating strong shockwaves that pulverize whatever behind the victim. According to Garou himself, this attack should work regardless of how tough one's bones and flesh are.
  • Extreme Fa Jin: Garou places both of his hands on the opponent and pushes them through the Earth. This is the most powerful attack Garou has demonstrated so far, capable of generating intense shockwaves potent enough to pass through Earth's core, displacing tectonic plates and subsequently, messing up with the magnetic and gravitational fields.

Key: Hero Hunter | Half-Monster | Post-Darkshine | Post-Sage Centipede



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