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Frisk is the protagonist of Undertale and the seventh human to fall into the Underground. Virtually nothing about them is known about their life prior to their fall, as even their gender remains ambiguous. Being taken in by Toriel, they eventually decide to leave and explore the Underground to potentially return to the surface, eventually convincing their caretaker to let them go or forcing their way out by murdering Toriel. From the on, Frisk manages to change the course of the events of the Underground forever, for better or worse.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A with minimal Determination, higher with greater levels of Determination

Name: Frisk, The Human (By monsters), You (Influenced by the player to an unknown degree, the ideal name to give the character being one's own)

Origin: Undertale

Gender: Left ambiguous

Age: Initially pre-teen, somewhat higher at the end of the game (They're surprised of not fitting in their bed)

Classification: Human child, "The Angel" (Believed to be so, despite it likely being someone else)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Their Determination grants them their powers and most superhuman stats, it's unclear if Frisk has ever been without any amount of Determination), Regeneration (Unknown normally, Low-Godly with high enough Determination), Self-Resurrection, Immortality (Type 4 and 7 normally, can resurrect as a disembodied SOUL. Type 3, only with unimaginable levels of Determination), Acausality (Type 1. Keeps their memories after time turning back to previous points by their own powers or that of others. Although with their "control over the timeline"/Time Manipulation matched, repeated deaths make their grip in the timeline slip away, which can eventually result in them forgetting everything experienced little by little), Time Manipulation (Has the ability to SAVE into a point in time when particularly determined, and LOAD back in time to the last SAVE they made at will, even after dying), Ability to gain LOVE through killing, Acute hearing and sense of smell, Can digest nearly anything, Statistics Amplification with Flex and Clear Mind, Social Influencing, Reactive Power Level with Determination (Allows Frisk to almost immediately fight around their opponents level up until he has reached full Determination. This normally scales Frisk to the opponents attack as shown by their inability to harm Mettaton in their base and have trouble harming Jerry), Minor Life Manipulation with Draw (Can draw things that come to life), limited Invulnerability (The game treats INV as this), Longevity (A human's SOUL can exist for millennia), Subjective Reality (Capable of creating physical items out of their hopes and dreams when extremely determined), Heat Manipulation with Heat Up and Cool DownSleep Manipulation via Sing, Self-Healing (Can recover physical and spiritual damage by eating certain types of monster food), Power Nullification with StareFlight (With their jet-pack), Resistance to SOUL Manipulation (Can take SOUL attacks as physical ones), Heat Manipulation (Capable of resisting an explosion from a MTT brand oven), Electricity Manipulation (Barely affected by an electric shock that briefly hurt Papyrus) and possibly Poison Manipulation (The CORE seems to be filled with ozone, which Frisk was unaffected by)

Attack Potency: Small Building level with minimal Determination (Comparable to other low level monsters, who can damage them), higher when filled with greater levels of Determination (Defeated Asgore when not trying to kill him. Made minimum damage to Photoshop Flowey, who was holding back)

Speed: Normal human with minimal Determination, up to Supersonic with higher levels of Determination (Can keep up with Asgore), able to move even faster by drinking Sea Tea, Unknown with immense amounts of Determination (Kept up with Asriel using his true power)

Lifting Strength: Likely Average Human (Able to carry the Annoying Dog)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class with minimal Determination (Capable of trading blows with other monsters who can harm them), higher when filled with greater levels of Determination

Durability: Small Building level with minimal Determination (Tanked the result of an overheating MTT-brand oven while casual), higher when filled with enough Determination (Took numerous blows from Asgore), the ability to SAVE and LOAD makes them extremely difficult to kill

Stamina: Immense (Able to navigate Hotland, capable of withstanding hoards of attacks from numerous different monsters without any signs of tiring)

Range: Standard melee range with weapons. Universal via SAVE

Standard Equipment: Cell Phone

  • Optional Equipment: Stick and Bandage, Toy Knife and Faded Ribbon, Tough Glove and Manly Bandanna, Ballet Shoes and Old Tutu, Torn Notebook and Cloudy Glasses, Burnt Pan and Stained Apron, Empty Gun and Cowboy Hat, Worn Dagger and Heart Locket, Temy Armor, Dog Residue and Various Food Items

Intelligence: Very high. Frisk was able to solve multiple puzzles and incredibly accurately analyze the emotional state of monsters they've just met

Weaknesses: While extremely difficult, sufficient failure can make a user of Determination give up, though this can result in a Reset much earlier than the last SAVE. Someone with their same Determination (as it exists in Undertale) and higher determination will result in their ability to SAVE and LOAD being disabled.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Hope: Frisk holds onto their hope for the future, significantly raising their defense. This technique was even capable of reducing damage from Asriel. Only usable if their DETERMINATION is high enough.
  • Dream: Through sheer willpower and DETERMINATION, Frisk's dreams become a reality. Capable of fully healing them of all damage and negative effects. Only usable if their DETERMINATION is high enough.
  • Heat Up: Frisk heats up the battlefield to be incredibly hot even in the context of Hotland, which is already so hot that even its outskirts are capable of instantly melting a styrofoam cup full of water. This move can stack if used multiple times.
  • Cool Down: Frisk blows onto the opponent with a breeze so cold that it instantly erases all of the aforementioned effects of Heat Up no matter how many times it has been stacked.
  • Flex: Frisk flexes their arms, making their physical attacks stronger for the remainder of the fight. Doing so multiple times will cause Frisk to flex harder, increasing their attack even more, however we have only ever seen this move performed 3 times in a row.
  • Clear Mind: Increases their DEF by 1; if they are inflicted with a status condition such as dizziness or confusion, it increases her DEF by 2 instead and removes the condition.
  • Sing: Frisk sings the song that Shyren taught them. Makes the target sleepy the first turn it’s used, the second turn it’s used the target falls asleep. Upon them falling asleep, Frisk can attack the opponent for double damage. The opponent will only wake up once attacked.
  • Stare: Frisk glares at a magical object, weakening its power. If used twice, the object will be incapacitated.
  • Draw: Frisk draws something, which then comes to life.


  • Cell Phone: Allows Frisk to call and possibly text their friends and keep up with the Underground's social network
  • Stick and Bandage: A stick that does very little damage, but can be thrown in some cases for minor uses. While the bandage has already been used before, Frisk can use this to regain 10 hp
  • Toy Knife and Faded Ribbon: The toy knife grants Frisk a minor boost of +3 attack. The faded ribbon gives Frisk +5 defense. The ribbon supposedly makes the wearer look cute, making enemies hit with lesser force as a result
  • Tough Glove and Manly Bandanna: This glove allows Frisk to hit enemies with multiple blows at a time and grants them +5 attack. The manly bandanna, which has been used many times before and has abs drawn on it, gives Frisk a +7 defense boost.
  • Ballet Shoes and Old Tutu: A dangerous pair of shoes which allows Frisk to hit enemies multiple times in a row and grants them +7 attack. The old tutu is a surprisingly protective piece of armor that gives Frisk +10 defense.
  • Torn Notebook and Cloudy Glasses: Gives Frisk +2 Attack and +6 Invulnerability which allows Frisk to remain untouchable for a longer period of time after being hit. The cloudy classed grant Frisk +5 defense and +9 invulnerability.
  • Burnt Pan and Stained Apron: A pan which keeps damage more consistent. It also gives Frisk +10 attack and makes consumable items heal 4 extra HP. The stained apron gives Frisk +11 defense and allows them to gain 1 hp every other turn.
  • Empty Gun and Cowboy Hat: A gun which has no bullets and requires precise aiming to deal good damage. It is not stated how Frisk is truly able to use it. However, it is likely that Frisk can use their determination as a substitution for the bullets as indicated by the sprites from the attack animation resembling the stars in the overworld that act as save points, which would also explain how this guns power is affected by Frisk's LV and Determination. Grants Frisk +12 attack. The cowboy hat gives Frisk +12 Defense with along with an added +5 Attack.
  • Worn Dagger and Heart Locket: While this dagger is likely used for cutting plants, it gives Frisk an extra +15 attack making it one of the best weapons in the game outside the genocide route. A locket that says "best friends forever", originally belonging to either Asriel Dreemurr or Chara. This locket grants Frisk +15 defense.
  • Temy Armor: Crafted by Temmie after graduating from college, this armor grants +20 defense, increases attack, grants extra invincibility frames, and heals 1 HP every turn.
  • Dog Residue: Numerous objects that have been "blessed" by the Annoying Dog. This can be used to create more Dog Residue, and sometimes a Dog Salad, which heals either 2, 5, 10, 30, or ALL HP.
  • Various food items: Heals varying amounts of hp and sometimes have extra effects.

Note: See this blog about misconceptions in Undertale for doubts over stats and claims we had during former years.



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