Fragarach is the Noble Phantasm of the Celtic war god Lugh. It is one of the few Noble Phantasms that remains in the world, and one of the even fewer to be utilized by a human as a Mystic Code. It is the Mystic Code of the Fraga family and has been passed down through its users throughout history.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies

Name: Fragarach: Gouging Sword of the War God, Answerer: That Which Comes Later Cuts First, the Retaliator

Origin: Fate/hollow ataraxia

Age: Unknown (From the Age of Gods)

Wielders: Bazett Fraga McRemitz

Classification: Noble Phantasm

Powers and Abilities: Reverses time and causality so that it will always strike first with a conceptual curse in response to its opponent's strongest attack

Attack Potency: Varies (Matches the opposing attack in strength and can kill Servants like Saber and Lancer under the right circumstances, but is much weaker when used otherwise).

Speed: Unknown (Due to its mechanics, it always strikes first and is effectively instant once activated)

Durability: Unknown

Range: Hundreds of meters

Weaknesses: Fragarach can only be used against an opponent's strongest attack, which makes it useless against opponents with well-rounded, powerful abilities. It also has a limited amount of shots, as Bazett can only carry five with her at a time.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

  • Fragarach, as used against Saber and Lancer
  • Toole Fragarach in Fate/Unlimited Codes

Fragarach: Gouging Sword of the War God: The main function of Fragarach, also known as Answerer: That Which comes Later Cuts First. While it is normally a mere D-Rank Noble Phantasm under normal circumstances, its true purpose is to counter her foe's trump card. When her foe uses their strongest attack, Bazett can prepare Fragarach to counter it, reversing time back to the moment immediately before they use that attack and instantly piercing the heart of the target involved with a conceptual curse. It not only reverses time, but also cause and effect, creating a contradictory effect.

However, Fragarach can only be used in this manner against the opponent's strongest attack and must be used directly after it. She can use it without it being in response to her opponent's strongest attack, but it is much weaker. Against opponents with continuously active, powerful abilities, it can be used again and again at full strength. Still, it is useless against opponents with well-rounded, powerful attacks, or those who don't use their most potent abilities. She can utilize it in its non-counter form three times in a row in a technique called Toole Fragarach: Gouging Great Sword of the War God in Fate/unlimited codes. Bazett can only carry up to five shots for Fragarach at a time.

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