Footrot Flats is a comic strip by New Zealand cartoonist Murray Ball. It ran from 1976 to 1994 in newspapers, though unpublished strips continued to appear in book form until 2000. The comic's protagonist is a border collie sheepdog, called "Dog", owned by Wal Footrot, who runs a sheep and cattle farm called Footrot Flats near the fictional rural town of Raupo in New Zealand. The comic depicts the trials and tribulations of Wal, the Dog and other characters, human and animal, that come into their lives. The Dog's thoughts are voiced in thought bubbles, though he is clearly "just a dog", unlike the heavily anthropomorphised creatures of some other comics or animation. The humour draws on the foibles of the characters, which many farmers found easy to recognise around them. There was much "humour in adversity", making fun of the daily struggle that permeates farming life. The depictions of the animals are quite realistic and detailed, with a dose of comic anthropomorphism superimposed without spoiling the farming realism.

Power of the Verse

Most characters range from Wall level and are casually Supersonic. However, as the comic strip tries to maintain itself as grounded in real life as possible, most feats above Small Building level could be argued to be outliers.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse




  • Pew
  • Prince Charles
  • Irish Murphy
  • Spit Murphy
  • Hunk Murphy
  • Crocopig


  • Horse
  • Aunt Dolly
  • Major
  • Rangi
  • Pongo