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Based on the OBD wiki:

Foe is a scientific unit used to quantify the most energetic events in the Universe. 1 Foe equals 1044 joules or 1051 ergs (This being why it's called Foe or "[tenth power of] Fifty-one ergs"). This is also rather convenient because the normal Type Ia supernova usually releases energy equating between 1 and 2 Foe under just a few seconds.

It is also worth noting that Foe has no plural form. It is always in plural as this is an abbreviation referring to "fifty-one ergs".

A conversion from joules is trivial and it is also compatible with the common scientific prefixes. So when you see terms like "5.5 kilo-Foe", read it as:

5500 Foe or 5.5 x 1047 joules of energy.

Common Examples

  • GBE of the smallest star: 0.16 mili-foe
  • Theoretical total mass-energy of the entire Earth: 5.4 mili-foe
  • GBE of the Sun: 6.9 mili-foe
  • Average power of a gamma ray burst: 0.5-1 foe
  • Energy content of a normal Type Ia supernova: 1-2 foe
  • Energy content of an average hypernova: 100 foe
  • Theoretical total mass-energy of the Sun: 1.8 kilo-foe
  • Estimated total mass-energy of the observable universe: 40 yotta-foe (4 x 1069 J)

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