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Keystone is under the protection of a man who can throw haymakers like machine-gun fire... who can create cyclones with a wave of his arm... who can outrun gravity. Keystone is my city.
~ Flash describing his line of work


Wally West, better known as The Flash is a member of the Justice League and the former sidekick and successor of Barry Allen. As the "Fastest Man Alive", he is constantly caught in various world-shattering conflicts while trying to balance his heroics with his home life as a father of two.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Up to 4-B while running

Name: Wally West (formerly known as Kid Flash)

Origin: DC Comics

Gender: Male

Age: Likely 30 to 40

Classification: Human Speed Force User

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Afterimage Creation, Intangibility, Durability Negation, Kinetic Energy Manipulation (Speed stealing and lending), Regeneration (High-Low, Can regenerate broken bones quickly, but it can be set wrong[1]), Limited Air Manipulation (Stops a tornado by heating up the air at the base of it and creates a cushion of air afterwards[2]), Can travel through time and across timelines[3], Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3, Saved his children by taking the Death Aspect of the speed force from them[4], Matter Manipulation (His aura can control the speed of chemical reactions, and was able to "turn off" a black hole by manipulating its epicenter[5]), Statistics Amplification (Can speed up his Cerebral cortex to work at a hundred thousand times its normal speed[6]), Limited Immortality (Type 2, Can keep himself alive through sheer speed[7]), Energy Manipulation (Can create a suit of Speed Force energy), Extrasensory Perception (Can see cloaked objects[8]), Power Bestowal (Can give Speed Force energy to others[9]), Biological Manipulation (Can speed up biological processes[10]), Absorption (Can steal kinetic energy[11]), Paralysis Inducement (Immobilized Inertia[12]), Explosion Manipulation (Anything he phases through explodes), Vibration Manipulation, BFR (Can send something to its home dimension with vibrations), Non-Physical Interaction (Can vibrate in a way that allows him and things which pass through him to harm normally intangible objects[13]), Data Manipulation (Unravelled The Thinker into data), and Instinctive Reaction

Attack Potency: Up to Solar System level (with the Relativistic Mass Punch[14])

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Ran along with the Big Bang.[15]) Higher with kinetic energy transfer (Reached trans-time velocity[16]). Up to Infinite with Speed Force Amp (Using Jesse Quick's connection to the Speed Force, Wally fought Zoom in still time using pure speed[17]). Immeasurable via running through time and using the fourth dimension.

Lifting Strength: At least Peak Human, possibly higher with the Speed Force

Striking Strength: Up to Solar System Class (With the Relativistic Mass Punch)

Durability: At least Building level normally (He is consistently treated as far more vulnerable while not moving, but still tanked a hit from Grodd, and is also likely comparable to Barry Allen). Up to Solar System level while running (The Speed Force likely enhances his durability, as he is able to withstand the force from his own punches)

Stamina: High (Ran for two full days without stopping[18])

Range: Standard melee range (Most of his powers are melee-based, but he can use ranged Speed Force effects a few meters away.), up to Kilometers (several) with whirlwinds and such

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Genius (Wally West has a college education, mastery of the Speed Force, and has many years of experience fighting all kinds of enemies. He was said to have read the Internet in its entirety.)

Weaknesses: Various types of energy can affect him even while moving or functioning at superhuman speeds, as well as effectively diminish/cut off his connection to the Speed Force. Using the Speed Force excessively and recklessly can result in him being permanently trapped in it. He cannot alter the kinetic energy of objects that gain their speed from time manipulation. He also needs a massive amount of food to compensate for his greatly accelerated metabolism.


  • Wally escaped a black hole and outraced the explosion of Krypton and Zeta-Beams.[19]
  • He reset every radio on earth in one sextillionth of a second.[16]
  • He ran to the Heat Death of the Universe to defeat the Black Racer.[15]
  • The Flash Feats Timeline Project

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Infinite Mass Punch: By accelerating to near the speed of light, he uses the Speed Force to allow the effects of relativity to increase the mass of his body, thus allowing him to hit with an incredibly powerful punch (said to hit like a white dwarf star)
  • Speed Force Dump: After touching his opponent, he can battlefield removal them into the dimension of the Speed Force.
  • Speed Steal: By touching (or just being near) an opponent, he can steal all of their kinetic energy and momentum, adding them to his own. In addition to slowing the targets down, it also immobilizes them indefinitely, making them frozen like statues.


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  • This version of Wally West was reintroduced to Post-Flashpoint continuity, but so far does not appear to retain anywhere near the same power level, so please avoid scaling other current characters from Post-Crisis statistics.


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