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Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG which takes place in multiple medieval fantasy settings. Most of the games feature different characters and locations but all still exist in the same multiverse.

Most Fire Emblem games take place in the Archanean timeline or Marth's timeline; this includes the FE 1-5 for the Famicom/Super Famicom games and FE 11-15 for the Nintendo DS/3DS with notes that some of those are remakes. It consists of the two Continents Archanea and Valentia, later renamed Ylisse and Valm respectively. It is also home to Jugdral, but it is unclear whether or not it is a past self of Archanea or another Continent altogether. Chronologically, it begins with Naga, the Queen of the Divine Dragons, being the first ruler of the world. She carved the Falchion with her fangs, which later becomes in important plot point throughout this timeline as it's the occuring weapon used to slay Dark Dragons such as Medeus, Duma, and Grima.

FE 6-7 for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance have their own timeline often called the Elibean timeline or Roy's timeline; taking place on the Continent of Elibe. This is home to Fire Dragons and humans who once lived in harmony a thousand years ago, before war broke out between them; and the dangerous used of the Divine Weapons brought the Dragons to ruin. However, there is given new hope that Dragons and humans can one day live together again in harmony.

FE 8 for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance is the the first game in the series to be a stand alone game. Known simply as the Magvel timeline or Sacred Stones, it features a Demon King who was sealed away by the Sacred Stones 800 years prior to the main games events. The Demon King later manages to possess a Prince Lyon of Grado, and later plans to destroy the Sacred Stones and resurrect himself.

FE 9-10 for the Gamecube/Wii are often referred to as Ike's timeline or the Tellian timeline; it takes place on Tellius. It was created by a Goddess named Ashunera and was once global, but the Chaos within her began to cause a massive flood that destroyed all but one Continent. She later split into the two goddesses Yune and Ashera. They are sister goddesses equal in power, but opposites in every other way. Yune was a free spirited goddess who loved both Beorc and Laguz, but had little to no self control over her powers. Ashera on the other hand was a Goddess of Order, who valued perfection and discipline above all else, and had no love for any life due to being the primary cause of chaos. This has caused numerous continental wars until they one day reunited and became Ashunera.

The more recent Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch takes place on the Continent of Fodlan, and it is unclear if it bares any direct relation to any other timeline. But it does feature a Goddess as well as some ancient warriors.

Power of the Verse

Overall Fire Emblem is a decently powerful verse; fodder characters in most Fire Emblem games have been known to withstand the Meteor tome, which packs Town levels of destruction. Except for the GBA characters fodder who should still be Large Building level due to being able to cast Fimbulvetr and trade blows with enemies on similar power levels.

There are many large dragons in the games which have been shown destroying large castle towers and the strongest endgame bosses are commonly seen as threats to casually destroy entire countries. Ashunera, the most powerful character in any of the main Fire Emblem entries, also reaches Multi-Continent level via flooding the entire world except for one continent; this scales to Ashera and Yune due to the two of them being half the power of Ashunera.

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, the Low tiers are Town level due to Meteor. The Mid tiers are Large Mountain level+ due to being half as strong as the low-end of the God tiers. The God tiers are Island level to Small Country level+ due to the Javelins of Light.

If spin offs are included, the verse ends up becoming far more powerful. Fire Emblem Warriors has Velezark the Chaos Dragon, a being who can bend all time and space, distort the fabric of reality, and consume entire worlds and dimensions. Fire Emblem Heroes also references an entity who supposedly created an "Infinite number of Worlds", but said character has yet to be seen, however, some still get to Multiverse level+ thanks to the Tempests, a thread to some or even all the universes that some of the cast can take care of.

A typical Fire Emblem character should have Massively hypersonic combat speed and reactions as many of them can dodge arrows, cloud to ground lightning attacks, and meteors on a regular basis. Also, the swordmaster attack animations in some games show them moving faster than the eye can see and casting several after images. In Three Houses, the god tiers even have Faster than light showings.







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