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Fine Structure is a science fiction novel written by Sam Hughes originally hosted in his website Things Of Interest. The story is written in the form of segments covering different characters and events which initially appear to be unrelated but all tie in together as the plot progresses. Three crucial plot points making up the novel are:

  • The Script, a mysterious collection of information which seemed to detail the entirety of the universe's laws. It was discovered during a failed project to achieve FTL communication and has been used to create various technologies pushing the boundaries of common sense, such as Teleportation and Duplication. However any technology obtained from the script would only be capable of use once, or for a few times, before becoming impossible under the laws of physics and whoever attempted to create the technology receiving some kind of cosmic punishment, the exact degree of which varied
  • Birth, the phenomena of superhumans being created. Every year, someone would be struck by what appeared to be lightning and gain powers, each person twice as strong as the last. Such individuals were referred to as members of the Line and this process had been happening for ten years at the time when the story began. The members of the Line would be "born" mad and go on a mindless rampage for a short period of time, putting countless humans in danger depending on where the "Birth" occurred. This caused a department of the US military to take action and recruit two Line members who would help deal with the danger. However, their plans to handle the issue wouldn't necessarily be the most heroic
  • Xio and Oul, two extradimensional beings who fought together in the higher layers of reality and fell to lowest when their battle reached a climax. Oul was an aggressor towards Xio's home and while hopelessly outclassed in strength, the latter managed to deal with the threat through his intellectual capacity and saved his home at the cost of sealing both him and his enemy in the 3+1 D Universe, cutting off most of the power they once possessed

Power of the Verse

The verse is decently powerful. Members of the Line from the ninth onward possess strength capable of destroying mountains putting them at Small City level, a restricted version of Oul demonstrates the ability to destroy entire groups of stars with another character being able to put up a fight against him. The Imprisoning god is at least Universe level+ with the possibility of being High Multiverse level+. The original version of Oul, as well as Xio, possess Hyperverse level Attack Potency and there are an infinite number of characters existing across infinite higher dimensions who surpass them completely

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