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It's hunting us. It knows what we're afraid of.


Something has awoken in Runeterra. Something ancient. Something terrible. The ageless horror known as Fiddlesticks stalks the edges of mortal society, drawn to areas thick with paranoia where it feeds upon terrorized victims. Wielding a jagged scythe, the haggard, makeshift creature reaps fear itself, shattering the minds of those unlucky enough to survive in its wake. Beware the sounding of the crow, or the whispering of the shape that appears almost human...Fiddlesticks has returned.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C

Name: Fiddlesticks, The Ancient Fear, The Demon of Fear

Origin: League of Legends

Gender: Genderless, Referred to as Male

Age: At least several thousand years old (Older than recorded history), likely much older (Stated to be so ancient that it has just always been)

Classification: Demon of Fear

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Adept scythe wielder, Magic, Sound Manipulation (Able to mimic the voices of those it hunts and kills), Illusion Creation (Able to create illusory scarecrows), Extrasensory Perception (Via A Harmless Scarecrow and Bountiful Harvest), Power Nullification (Via A Harmless Scarecrow and Reap), Fear Manipulation, Aura (Via Terrify), Light Manipulation (caused lamps and other sources of light to go out in the short story Voices), Soul Manipulation (Via Bountiful Harvest), Absorption (Via Bountiful Harvest), Healing (Via Bountiful Harvest), Statistics Reduction (Speed Reduction Via Reap), Teleportation, Summoning (Demon Crows), Madness Manipulation (Types 2 and 3)

Attack Potency: Town level (Casually killed Demacian soldiers. As a true Demon he should be vastly superior to other demons such as Tahm Kench, Evelynn, Nocturne, and Shaco)

Speed: Subsonic reactions and combat speed (Casually walked fast enough to outspeed a man in a full sprint, Blitzed a Demacian soldier from several meters away before he could even move)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Town Class

Durability: Town level

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Dozens of meters with magic and crows

Standard Equipment: Scythe, Scarecrow Effigies, Demonic Crows

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • A Harmless Scarecrow: Fiddlesticks is able to summon illusory scarecrow effigies that act as wards, granting vision of an area as well as revealing and disabling enemy wards near it.
  • Terrify: Fiddlesticks shrieks at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and fearing them. After a few seconds out of combat, Fiddlesticks creates an aura of Dread that affects all enemy units that do not have vision of it. Fiddlestick's next damaging ability against an enemy affected by Dread will fear them. This effect can trigger against multiple enemies for area of effect abilities.
  • Bountiful Harvest: Fiddlesticks tethers itself to all nearby enemies and channels. While channeling, tethered enemies are revealed as it siphons their souls, dealing magic damage to them as long as the tether persists. Fiddlesticks heals itself for a percentage of the damage dealt. If all targets break their tethers by moving out of range, the ability ends immediately.
  • Reap: Fiddlesticks swings with its scythe in a crescent-shaped area on the target location, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit. Enemies hit in the center of the area are silenced.
  • Crowstorm: After a short channel, Fiddlesticks teleports to a target location with a murder of crows flying wildly around it, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.


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