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Fairy Tail is a weekly battle manga made by Hiro Mashima (who is known for his series Rave Master). It centers around a girl named Lucy Heartfilia who joins a mages guild in the land of Fiore known as Fairy Tail. She joins a team with some of the guilds strongest mages (Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, and Gray Fullbuster) as her teammates. Together, they battle many dark wizards and face many powerful villains and even travel to another world.

Although it started relatively modestly powerful, from the Tenrou arc onward, Fairy Tail has become a decently powerful verse. Low tiers of the verse consist of characters that have Town level Attack Potency. Mid tiers from the verse consist of strong mages that range from Small City level+ to Mountain level. Mid-High tiers consist of characters that are Large Mountain level and higher. Top tiers consist of characters that possess Small Country level power. The verse also has access to a Large Country level+ busting orbital weapon called Etherion. The God tiers of the verse such as Natsu, Zeref, Acnologia, Igneel, and The God Dragons are capable of At least Small Country level to Small Country level+ to Large Country level+ destruction, with Post Space Between Time Absorption Dragon Form Acnologia being At least Country level to Continent level. In terms of speed, the verse is decently fast, reaching Massively Hypersonic+ speeds at the beginning of the series and Sub-Relativistic speeds toward the end of the series.

Being a verse involving magic, Fairy Tail has a decent amount of hax abilities such as letter-based magic which forces a target to comply with specific rules, death magic capable of instantly life-wiping entire cities, Time Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Mass Manipulation, spells which can re-arrange the topography of a country, etc. There are also several abilities which ignore conventional durability, such as the ability to inflict others with diseases, Sensory Manipulation, Energy Draining, purifying abilities such as Fairy Law and Fairy Glitter, spells which can erase a target's existence, etc.

Note: There should be no further discussion regarding whether or not Fairy Heart and The Space Between Time scale to Etherion or if Base Natsu scales to the Spriggans, unless new relevant information is revealed.

Attack Potency and Durability:



  • The lower 7-C's are scaled to be 1/4 as strong as the higher 7-C's (8.4 Kilotons)
  • The Low 6-B+'s are scaled to be twice as strong as the Low 6-B's (4.2 Teratons)
  • Acnologia's 6-B key is scaled to be 4x stronger than the Low 6-B's (8.4 Teratons)
  • Acnologia's 6-A key is scaled to be twice as strong as the High 6-B+'s (1.45 Petatons)


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