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In the aftermath of the War of Unification, all the nations of the continent of Eastald are forcefully united under a single ruler. During the war, special soldiers were implanted with Fairy organs, allowing them to summon powerful Fairies to fight under their command. These soldiers were dubbed Fairy Soldiers and used by all sides. However, nine years after the end of the war, conflict still remains as rogue Fairy Soldiers and criminals take advantage of the postwar instability. To combat this threat, the government agency Dorothea is formed, whose sole purpose is to combat illegal Fairy users.

One of Dorothea's newest recruits, Marlya, teams up with veteran Fairy Soldier and Dorothea operative Free in hopes of tracking down her long lost childhood friend Veronica, who is now an illegal Fairy Soldier working for an unknown organization looking to recover an artifact dubbed the Black Fairy Tome.

Power of the Verse

Verse has fair soldiers and they are human beings who have put the parts of the fairies inside them to gain strength. Soldiers have the ability to call fairies to fight.


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