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Mr. Popo using his Ki Sense to find Kid Goku.


Extrasensory Perception, also known as sensing, detection, or a sixth sense, is the ability to detect energy signatures, matter signatures, or the like near the user.

Possible Uses

  • Precognition: Can be used to predict the opponent's movements.
  • Enhanced Sight: Not necessarily like eyesight, however, this ability grants the user to detect the opponent regardless of ability or position, as long as the opponent is in radius.
  • Life Detection: Can be used to see if opponent is alive or not.
  • Power Reading: Can be used to read the energy of the opponent, to see if they are a threat or not.


  • Some energies can be overwhelming.
  • Certain types of invisibility can hide even energy signatures.
  • Over-reliance may make the user poor at using the normal senses if ability is nullified.
  • Some users can have faulty or inaccurate senses.
  • Some users may only be able to sense some forms of energy, power, etc. but not other kinds.