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Shadow the Hedgehog using Chaos Blast on Black Death.[1]


The ability to manipulate energy. This result in different abilities, allowing use of energy for various purposes, particularly for attack, defense, or improvement of performance. Includes manipulation of both internal and external energy.

Possible Uses

  • Obtaining superhuman physical characteristics (or imitation thereof)
  • Barriers
  • Energy beams
  • Manipulation of different types of energies (spiritual, magical, thermal, kinetic, etc.)
  • Manipulation of the energy of an opponent (for example, that allows you to block his ability)
  • Energy conversion from one form to another (such as thermal to electrical, spiritual into kinetic, etc.)
  • Conversion of an energy into material objects
  • Conversion of an energy into information
  • Perception of the world outside of the usual five senses, including direct energy sensing of those concealing their presence
  • Aura creation (explosive, overwhelming, etc.)
  • Absorption (energy absorption material, using external information turning it into self-energy)
  • Effects on the mind and/or soul of the enemy
  • Manipulation of a reality (usually due to quantum manipulation)




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