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Mesprit is the embodiment of emotion in the Pokémon universe.


The ability to allow to influence feelings and emotions. Usually associated with mental manipulation, but can sometimes be carried out in other ways (e.g., direct biochemical effects). Controlling emotions can be divided into manipulating positive and negative emotions. Also possible to use the absorption of emotions and their conversion into energy, as well as predicting the enemy's actions by comprehending his emotions.

Possible Uses

Positive emotions uses

  • Encourage allies (might also include improving their performance, recovery speed, fatigue relief, etc.)
  • Induce sympathy or love (might extend to luring an opponent to collaborate with you)
  • Convey emotions to others (analogous to telepathy)
  • Cause feelings of joy and happiness (might be used to disorient the enemy, or simply soothe someone unnecessarily angry)

Negative emotions uses

  • Weaken the enemy (via sorrow, guilt, regret)
  • Cause an opponent to forfeit (Via fear)



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