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Els von Klagen is a supporting character in XBlaze – Code: Embryo and XBlaze – Lost: Memories. She is a long-time friend of Kuon Glamred Stroheim and a messenger for the Magick Association. Seemingly a paragon of politeness, Els has won the approval of even Mei Amanohokosaka, a woman who hates members of the Magick Association. Her love for Japanese culture extends to her having a longing for travelling all around it. She is praised for her perfect grades, earnest behaviour, and hard work, being a sensible worker with impeccable manners. She does have childish quirks, however, being likely to do immature acts for Kuon Glamred Stroheim’s attention, even though she generally has it to begin with.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely Low 7-B

Name: Els von Klagen, Messenger

Origin: XBlaze

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Classification: Sorceress, Messenger

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Sorcery, Information Analysis, Stealth Mastery, Psychometry, Healing, Forcefield Creation, Hacking and Regeneration Negation (Up to High-Godly; magic's regeneration negating factor is also superior to Ars Magus, a weapon capable of killing the Black Beast, a creature that has the ability of Self Observation, which is what Terumi used to regenerate from Hakumen's Time Killer)

Attack Potency: Likely Small City level+ (Shouldn't be far too below Lost Memories Kuon and assisted to defeat weakened Freaks)

Speed: Likely Supersonic

Lifting Strength: Class 1

Striking Strength: Likely Small City Class+

Durability: Likely Small City level+

Stamina: Superhuman. Able to fight after her life force was sucked by Freaks.

Range: At least tens of meters with sorcery

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Genius. Smarter than Kuon who later became part of the Ten Sages and trained Nine. Capable of hacking info from the city of Ishana, which not even Mitsurugi Agency or Takamagahara could do

Weaknesses: None Notable

Note: This profile only focuses on her Lost Memories incarnation as she has virtually no feats in Code Embryo.


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