Cole Macgrath

Cole MacGrath can manipulate electricity


The ability to manipulate electricity, the energy produced by the movement of charged particles that makes up for one half of the force of electromagnetism. This power has many applications, such as controlling electrical fields, conjuring bolts of lightning to electrocute opponents, powering electrical devices, causing thunderstorms, and drawing upon electricity itself for power.

While a versatile and powerful ability, electricity is not without its shortcomings and can be insulated by non-conductive materials such as rubber.



In real life, electricity with high amplitudes can atrophy nerves (causing paralysis) and also interfere with the functions of organs such as the heart and brain, and would likely ignore the durability of characters made out materials with enough conductivity due to this fact. However, as electricity hardly ever acts this way in fiction, this doesn't apply to electrical attacks that don't have a stated amplitude or have demonstrated these powers.

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