S02M03 Danny charging up ecto-blast

Danny Phantom charges an Ecto-Blast


The power to manipulate Ectoplasm/Ghostly Energy. Variation of Energy Manipulation.

User can create, shape, and manipulate an energy unique to spirits/ghosts. Typically this comes in the form of beams or balls of energy that the user can charge and fire at enemies, and ignores the intangibility that is normally associated with ghosts or spirits. Usually, however, these attacks cannot harm living beings. It can also sometimes be used to create constructs and weapons, as well as forcefields, depending on the user. At higher levels, this can be used to ignore the conventional durability of ghosts, or even act as a form of Soul Manipulation.

Possible Uses

  • Charging balls or beams of energy that can harm intangible spirits.
  • Construct Creation, making weapons or shields for the user to utilize.
  • Absorbing and releasing the energy of ghosts.


  • Ectoplasmic attacks don't likely harm regular living beings.
  • Some users have a very limited supply.
  • Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user.
  • In the case of a ghost using this ability, it may cause them to eat away at their own body.