This is a basic chart that yields the output of Earthquakes from Magnitude 1 to 10.5

You can use this and this chart to estimate the appropriate magnitude.

Radiated Waves

Magnitude Joules Tons Tier
Magnitude 1 1.995262e+6 0.000476879063098 Tons Wall level
Magnitude 1.5 1.122018e+7 0.0026816873805 Tons Wall level+
Magnitude 2 6.309573e+7 0.0150802413958 Tons Small Building level
Magnitude 2.5 3.548134e+8 0.0848024378585 Tons Small Building level+
Magnitude 3 1.995262e+9 0.476879063098 Tons Building level
Magnitude 3.5 1.122018e+10 2.6816873805 Tons Large Building level
Magnitude 4 6.309573e+10 15.0802413958 Tons City Block level
Magnitude 4.5 3.548134e+11 84.8024378585 Tons City Block level+
Magnitude 5 1.995262e+12 476.879063098 Tons Multi-City Block level
Magnitude 5.5 1.122018e+13 2.6816873805 Kilotons Small Town level
Magnitude 6 6.309573e+13 15.0802413958 Kilotons Town level
Magnitude 6.5 3.548134e+14 84.8024378585 Kilotons Town level+
Magnitude 7 1.995262e+15 476.879063098 Kilotons Large Town level
Magnitude 7.5 1.122018e+16 2.6816873805 Megatons Small City level
Magnitude 8 6.309573e+16 15.0802413958 Megatons City level
Magnitude 8.5 3.548134e+17 84.8024378585 Megatons City level+
Magnitude 9 1.995262e+18 476.879063098 Megatons Mountain level
Magnitude 9.5 1.122018e+19 2.6816873805 Gigatons Large Mountain level
Magnitude 10 6.309573e+19 15.0802413958 Gigatons Island level
Magnitude 10.5 3.548134e+20 84.8024378585 Gigatons Island level+

Total Seismic Energy

Magnitude Joules Tons Tier
Magnitude 1 3.899420e+10 9.3198374761 Tons Large Building level+
Magnitude 1.5 2.192805e+11 52.4092973231 Tons City Block level+
Magnitude 2 1.233105e+12 294.71916826 Tons Multi-City Block level
Magnitude 2.5 6.934258e+12 1.65732743786 Kilotons Small Town level
Magnitude 3 3.899420e+13 9.3198374761 Kilotons Town level
Magnitude 3.5 2.192805e+14 52.4092973231 Kilotons Town level+
Magnitude 4 1.233105e+15 294.71916826 Kilotons Large Town level
Magnitude 4.5 6.934258e+15 1.65732743786 Megatons Small City level
Magnitude 5 3.899420e+16 9.3198374761 Megatons City level
Magnitude 5.5 2.192805e+17 52.4092973231 Megatons City level+
Magnitude 6 1.233105e+18 294.71916826 Megatons Mountain level
Magnitude 6.5 6.934258e+18 1.65732743786 Gigatons Large Mountain level
Magnitude 7 3.899420e+19 9.3198374761 Gigatons Island level
Magnitude 7.5 2.192805e+20 52.4092973231 gigatons Island level+
Magnitude 8 1.233105e+21 294.71916826 Gigatons Large Island level
Magnitude 8.5 6.934258e+21 1.65732743786 teratons Small Country level
Magnitude 9 3.899420e+22 9.3198374761 Teratons Country level
Magnitude 9.5 2.192805e+23 52.4092973231 Teratons Country level+
Magnitude 10 1.233105e+24 294.71916826 Teratons Large Country level
Magnitude 10.5 6.934258e+24 1.65732743786 Petatons Continent level+

Notes and Sources

  • Source: Alabamaquake
  • Total Seismic Energy should only be used for real earthquakes. It shouldn't be used for physical earthquakes or earthquakes caused through abilities.
  • Shaking a minor area should not be assumed to automatically translate to an earthquake. Either a large area being shaken or evidence that we are dealing with something earthquake-like and not just some minor shaking would be needed.
  • The energy required to shake the Earth.

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