Durarara!! or DRRR!! (デュラララ!!) is a light novel series written by Narita Ryohgo, also well-known for his Baccano! series, which takes place in the same world. The illustrations are done by Yasuda Suzuhito. The first series is complete at 13 volumes. However, the continuation, a second series named Durarara!!SH, is currently being published.

Many unusual people gather in Ikebukuro, Tokyo--- a youth who yearns for an un-mundane life, a hoodlum, a stalker, a young man who deals in information ‘for fun’, a black-market doctor, a guy who dresses like a bartender with inhuman strength, as well as a ‘headless rider’ riding a black bike. Durarara!! tells the abnormal stories of all of these people and more.

The series is part of the wider Naritaverse, together with Baccano! and Vamp!.

Power of the Verse

The verse isn't actually very strong, possessing mostly street level characters with a few Wall level and Small Building level characters. There's some supernatural elements, as one of the characters is an immortal Dullahan that can manipulate shadows and some other characters have a sword than allows them to control the people they cut, but the verse is still weak in terms of raw power.






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